Breaking: Major Media Company Crashes and Burns

Popular conservatives activist group, Project Veritas, known for it’s undercover investigations, has just announced that they will be suspending operations. Many people are speculating that the group is meeting their end due to the contentious ousting of its founder James O’Keefe as well as a series of layoffs that have continued to destabilize its operations.

Now the question is: what exactly led up to this implosion?

Project Veritas was gaining traction for their undercover videos targeting a variety of organizations until it all came crashing down with the ousting of its founder, James O’Keefe.

The decision met with widespread disapproval from those who supported his mission and caused a decline in popularity for the group.

As donations dwindled and fundraising campaigns failed to meet their targets, internal turmoil within the organization started to escalate leading to more issues within Project Veritas.

Another factor contributing heavily to Project Verita’s struggles is financial woes that ensued following the loss in support from donors due to O’Keefe’s firing.

This resulted in significant layoffs among staff members as well as other measures taken by HR director Jennifer Kiyak in an effort to reduce costs while preserving “the possible future existence” of Project Veritas according to her letter.

With only 11 people remaining on payroll after these cuts were made including CEO Hannah Giles, this further destabilizes their operations even more than before.

The downfall and suspension of operations at Project Veritas has left many wondering if we will ever see another undercover sting operation again from them or any other similar organizations like them going forward.

It is safe to say that without adequate support and financial stability no such activities can continue especially when they require so much planning and coordination- something which is difficult with only 11 employees left on payroll at this time.

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