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MASSIVE Bust in Florida, Including Teachers… GROSS CRIME

Operation Fall Haul II is complete.

The sting operation netted about 160 arrests.

Among those taken in were teachers, a police officer, and several Disney employees.


The operation is a sting operation to catch sex offenders and human traffickers.

Authorities announced that they additionally believe they have at least two people that are human trafficking victims.

Sheriff Grady Judd, who is quickly generating a national profile because of these sting operations, said they are working now to possibly identify more victims among that that were snatched up in the sting.

Judd stated, “Our goal is to start services the moment that they are taken into custody and to treat them as what they are, victims, not as suspects in a criminal event.”

What should get all of our attention is some of the people caught up in the sting.

The most notable were a corrections officer, a deputy police chief from Georgia, numerous teachers, and a couple of Disney employees.

The fact that law enforcement was caught up in this is an absolute disgrace.

However, I am zeroing in on the teachers and Disney employees.

We have hammered both for grooming kids with their agenda, and this proves that everyone should be concerned, especially in regard to what children are being taught in schools.

For parents, I cannot imagine the horror of finding out someone you had trusted with your children was caught up in a sting such as this.

Source: Fox News

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