Sheriff REFUSES to Enforce Law…

Sheriff James Mendrick of DuPage County doesn’t care what laws they come up with in the liberal state of Illinois. If they conflict with the U.S. Constitution, they don’t count. For instance the one they passed on “gun control.” He’s not going to enforce it. He swore an oath. If they don’t like it they can fire him, which would make his day. He’s not allowed to actually arrest anyone dangerous, but he’s under contract and can’t leave.

Sheriff obeys ‘higher oath

DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick isn’t popular with state lawmakers in Illinois. He put his intentions in writing and they flipped out. Mendrick is “refusing to enforce a gun control law in favor of his higher oath to the U.S. Constitution.

He’s been in the department for 26 years now. In 2018, he was elected to enforce the laws of a county which borders on the one containing the lawless city of Chicago.

Soon to be replaced Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost control of Chicago, making it “one of the most violent cities in the country.” With all the criminals running around shooting people, one would hardly know the city is one of the “strictest on gun control.” Sheriff Mendrick doesn’t believe in that kind of liberal nonsense.

It isn’t the guns that need controlled. The problem is offensive, as opposed to defensive use of deadly force. As Mendrick is well aware, the Second Amendment allows protective use of any weapon which comes to hand. Be it a handgun, rifle or rocket launcher. It does not allow you to cap someone for taking your parking space.

The Sheriff wrote a formal letter, dated January 13, “in which he argued that a recently passed gun control law was unconstitutional.” Democrats are ready to kill him. “That has made him a target of Democrats and gun control advocates in his state.

Mendrick summed up his position and it’s a solid one. “I, among many others, believe that HB 5471 is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

Lawful gun owners

The sheriff reached the unpopular conclusion that he and his office would ignore the gun registry. They won’t check anyone to “ensure that lawful gun owners register their weapons with the State.

He flatly refuses to jail “law-abiding individuals that have been arrested solely with non-compliance of this Act.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker was salivating to sign the Protect Illinois Communities Act into law on January 10. It’s supposed to ban “semiautomatic rifles and certain magazines.” It’s also clearly unconstitutional.

A “number of gun rights groups opposed the law as unconstitutional, with one Illinois judge blocking Pritzker from enforcing the ban just last week.” That means the Sheriff is right. He knows it, too.

Part of my duties that I accepted upon being sworn into office,” Sheriff Mendrick declares, “was to protect the rights provided to all of us, in the Constitution.” Everyone needs one of those pocket versions. “One of those enumerated rights is the right of the people to keep and bear arms provided under the 2nd amendment.

Liberals are quick to panic. They’re expecting mass shootings on a daily basis. Mendrick pointed out the flaw in their logic. “There is absolutely nothing that we are doing or not doing that would make a mass shooting more accessible in DuPage County.” The criminals don’t care about gun laws. Lawmakers don’t want to put criminals in jail. “In fact, I have asked on multiple occasions to increase penalties on all existing gun crimes, but it does not appear that they want to have that conversation.

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