TRAITOR Exposed… Obama-Biden Administration

It looks like we have found yet another scandal from the administration that never had any scandals.

A former Marine pilot during the Obama-Biden administration has been charged for helping the Chinese.

He was indicted in 2017, with the charges have finally been made public.

Traitor on the Ranks

Daniel Edmund Duggan is a former Marine aviator that reportedly helped the Chinese from 2010 to 2012.

Duggan was training Chinese aviators how to take off and land on aircraft carriers in South Africa.

Duggan is also an Australian citizen, having recently denounced his American citizenship.

Now facing two counts of violating the arms export control act and international arms trafficking regulations and a charge of conspiracy and conspiracy to launder money, he is awaiting the United States filing an extradition request by December 20.

The DOJ stated that Duggan had three additional co-conspirators.

While not naming them, they did state that they were from China, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Dennis Miralis, Duggan’s attorney, stated that his client is now considered an “extreme high risk” and has been denied pens and stationary.

Source: Fox News

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