The document is out… and it is a joke.

The FBI affidavit for the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid was released today.

If you have yet to see the document, don’t bother, because there are more black lines than white on it.

Grave Travesty

Media members and Trump supporters were hoping to learn something from the release, but that did not happen.

From what was available, few could find a reason to send the FBI into the home of a former president.

Joel Pollack noted…

Donald Trump Jr. added his two cents…

Donald J. Trump communications director Taylor Budowich responded, , “The release of a heavily redacted, overtly political affidavit only proves that the Biden administration is desperate to cover up their unprecedented, unnecessary, and un-American raid against President Donald J. Trump.”

He later added, “This is a grave travesty, and what is unredacted only further supports President Trump’s position, there was NO reason for a raid – it is all politics!”

This is one of the better ones, though, at least giving some insight into the lack of insight…

Radio host Jesse Kelly added, “So anyway, Biden’s FBI just raided the home of his political opponent and they don’t feel the need to even tell why. In case you’re wondering how close we are to the brink.”

The deep state is alive and well, my friends.

Source: Fox News

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