The DOJ screwed up and it knows it.

Some overzealous agent in the FBI may have just put this whole sham of Merrick Garland’s at risk.

Even though they had a search warrant with parameters about as wide as the Grand Canyon, they still managed to screw it up and take the wrong documents.

Uhm, We Screwed Up

John Solomon, editor-in-chief of Just The News, stated, “For the first time we have confirmation that the FBI and the Justice Department believes it over-collected evidence when it was at Mar-a-Lago, meaning it collected evidence not covered by the search warrant.”

A DOJ official confirmed the agents went “outside the scope” of the warrant, which is a big no-no.

In a world where it does not involve Donald Trump, this could get the warrant and everything that was found tossed.

The official stated, “Occasionally a warrant collection can grab things outside the scope authorized by the court and the department is now following a procedure we would for any person affected this way.”

To make this even more amusing, when Trump said his passports were taken, the media could not wait to shoot him down and call him a liar.

That story also blew up in their faces…

The FBI is trying to make this out as business as usual but I assure you, it is not.

As stated, searches have been tossed for far less in criminal trials.

John Solomon touched on that, stating, “This is remarkable.

“I talked to a lot have FBI people today who told me this warrant was already remarkably broad, can basically go in and get anything that looked like a presidential record, to then collect something like a passport which most agents can recognize quickly, or privileged documents, raised concerns amongst career FBI officials.”

The FBI has gone rogue… that would explain it all.

Source: Daily Caller

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