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Juan Williams: Republicans Assault on Voting Rights is the REAL Fraud

Reminding us that words don’t have meanings anymore in 2021, Juan Williams claimed before election day this year that the “real voter fraud” is the GOP’s “assault on voting rights.” Williams claimed that Republican attempts to ensure the integrity of future elections are actually a form of tampering which may steal Congress for the GOP in 2022. After the beating Democrats took earlier this month he now has even more reason to fear their losing the House and Senate next year.

Juan Williams doesn’t know what “voter fraud” means

The fictional “war on voting rights” has become one of the favorite Democrat rallying cries since the inauguration of Biden and it is a topic which rarely gets scrutiny beyond the headlines.

Juan Williams cited opinion polling from Democrat affiliated groups which showed that a solid majority of Americans support “protecting voting rights.”

There’s a shock, when you ask people if they support letting Americans vote they’ll probably say yes. Most Americans would likely see nothing wrong with the GOP led efforts if they were presented in a neutral and non-partisan fashion.

If working to ensure that most voting takes place on election day is a form of “voter fraud” then every election before 2020 must have been completely fraudulent.

Someone should dig up George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to let them know that their elections were actually stolen victories because disabled transwomen of color were not allowed to mail in votes for three days after the polls closed.

The actual substance of the “voting rights” controversy is really that absurd; no one in this country with a half functional brain could reasonably have any difficulty with finding a way to vote in the current year.

Vote early and vote often

Juan Williams and the Democrats are fighting anti-fraud legislation simply because it would make it slightly less easy for them to drag uninterested voters to the polls.

In the good old days you could grab drunks off the street and dress them up in disguises to vote repeatedly with the promise of whiskey. Not letting the Democrats employ the 21st century equivalent is the real voter fraud.

Williams claims that the “right to vote” is the “most cherished American right.” Has anyone bothered to think about that slogan before repeating it ad nauseam?

On the hierarchy of cherished rights I think picking a few names on a ballot once a year has never been quite as fiercely prized by Americans as the right to speak and believe freely and to defend themselves from tyranny.

According to Juan Williams the Republican anti-fraud legislation is aimed only at securing power. Obviously. No one in politics is ever not thinking about how to gain and hold power.

There is nothing noble in the Democratic crusade against this legislation; both parties are trying to maximize their own votes and minimize the votes received by their opponents. Let’s not pretend this is any kind of serious moral precipice.

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