Democrats Quietly Switch Focus

Things can be in name only. Supposedly the Michigan legislature is “full time” meaning it’s in session continuously for its two year term. Some states have “part time” legislatures. It’s considered to be “in session” when it can meet and propose legislation to get the state’s business done. It took an inside staffer to quietly say they’re ending session early to both help Biden and ensure Democrat power.

Michigan Democrats protecting the President

Those on the extreme left in the state only have a one vote majority. They’re hoping to protect Biden and their power after the election so they did a “sine die” which is the final motion of the legislature to end the session term.

Biden is so unpopular that Democrats are taking strategies to both try to shore him up and conserve their power even if they’re in the minority. Biden faces several Democrat challengers.

Michigan Democrats doing what they can

Biden’s primary challengers consist of Congressman Dean Phillips, Marianne Williamson, Joe “Tiger King” Exotic, Verman Supreme and anti-abortion activist Terrisa Bukovinac. Robert Kennedy was running as a Democrat before he saw the process being rigged against him and started running as an Independent instead.

Iowa and New Hampshire are the traditional primary beginnings for both parties. Bukovanic noted the President’s snub,

“Biden’s arrogant snub of New Hampshire’s primary election isn’t the first time his administration has ignored the voices of voters. His radical embrace of abortion extremism dramatically misrepresents the majority of Democrats who oppose elective third trimester abortion and perpetuates the mass murder of viable unborn children.”

Michigan Democrats moved the primaries

But didn’t give the legislation “immediate effect”. Without that, the event was inapplicable til 2028. The session ending early fixed that. As a result, the legislation will start in time to help Biden.

Normally Michigan has “late” primaries happening in August. This new legislation moves it to February 27. This is being done because two out of the 56 legislators are likely to win lower races they’re campaigning for, forcing them to resign from their current seat. This will threaten Democrats’ power.

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