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Boogaloo Boy Admits to Sowing Seeds of Chaos

For those in the know, “boogaloo boy” should now be considered pretty much synonymous with “federal agent.” A Texas man who has pleaded guilty to a federal riot charge for his involvement in the Minneapolis riots last year appears to be the rare self-described boogaloo boy who is not employed by the FBI. This individual has admitted that he traveled to Minnesota with the intention of provoking more chaos and unrest.

Boogaloo boy commits crimes for leftist mob

Ivan Harrison Hunter traveled to Minneapolis with a semi-automatic rifle which he fired into a police station. He bragged about helping BLM rioters to burn down that building and was filmed shouting “justice for Floyd.”

Astonishingly, we are still being told that this person is some sort of right wing extremist. His words and actions are apparently still not enough to tie him to the leftist radicals he was rioting alongside.

The term “boogaloo” comes from the notoriously bad title of a movie sequel and was jokingly embraced in some circles as a euphemism for a hypothetical “civil war two.”

Prepper and Second Amendment circles popularized this use and some affiliated people began to refer to themselves as “boogaloo boys.”

When the George Floyd riots broke out in 2020 armed individuals and citizens could be spotted in many neighborhoods intending to defend their homes and businesses from looting.

The mainstream media latched onto the term “boogaloo boys” to often describe these people in general as a specific fringe movement of political extremists looking for violence.

The right gets the blame

This was an extremely malicious narrative but individuals like Ivan Harrison Hunter and other suspicious characters gave them an excuse to paint all armed individuals at these riots with this same brush.

In actuality, most armed people who defended shops and houses during the riots probably had never even heard the word boogaloo. The media hoped to portray anyone with an interest in defending their property as an unreasonable extremist looking to start violence.

Like Hunter, there was another faction of armed people which fed ammunition to the media. These people, who did call themselves boogaloo boys, typically wore Hawaiian shirts and tactical gear and generally voiced enthusiastic support for BLM.

These morons were generally received with disdain by the protesters they were trying to befriend, who saw them less as allies against the police and more as nerdy white people with big scary guns who were probably racist.

The pathetic thing about Ivan Harrison Hunter and his comrades is that, for all their attempts to show the rioters that they were on the same side, the whole “movement” has still been declared a white supremacist extremist faction.

No doubt the FBI and the DOJ will, like the liberal media, be happy to include this leftist idiot in their list of “right wing domestic terrorists” when it comes time to justify the next purge of political dissidents.

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