Researchers Make Astonishing Discovery With HIV Patient

The human body is a much stronger organism than some researchers and medical professionals are open to admitting to. There are a number of cases where a person is miraculously cured of something and doctors have no idea what happened. There could be other factors including diet. The Native Americans used foods and spices before modern medicine. HIV is commonly brought under control in six months.

Researchers were surprised

A 30 year old woman originally from Esperanza, Argentina, received no regular treatment after being diagnosed with HIV eight years ago. Now she has no virus that is capable of replicating itself.

This young lady is only the second patient to present a “sterilizing cure” of HIV without any other treatment. The other person was a 67 year old woman named Loreen Willenberg.

Researchers can find things by accident

A lot of life changing discoveries have happened that way. Dr. Xu Yu of the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard, wrote to CNN, “A sterilizing cure for HIV has previously only been observed in two patients who received a highly toxic bone marrow transplant. Our study shows that such a cure can also be reached during natural infection — in the absence of bone marrow transplants (or any type of treatment at all). Examples of such a cure that develops naturally suggest that current efforts to find a cure for HIV infection are not elusive, and that the prospects of getting to an ‘AIDS-free generation’ may ultimately be successful.”

The patient was diagnosed with HIV in March of 2013 but didn’t receive treatment until 2019 when she was pregnant. She was treated with tenofovir, emtricitabine, and raltegravir for the standard six months during the second and third trimester. The baby was born HIV negative.

Researchers studied her blood and placenta

All the researchers found were seven defective proviruses, a form of the virus integrated into the host cell. There were no cells that were capable of replicating themselves. They were defective.

Dr. Yu isn’t sure how this happened. She wrote, “We think it’s a combination of different immune mechanisms — cytotoxic T cells are likely involved, innate immune mechanism may also have contributed. Expanding the numbers of individuals with possible sterilizing cure status would facilitate our discovery of the immune factors that lead to this sterilizing cure in broader population of HIV infected individuals.”

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