Democrat Jamaal Bowman Crashes and Burns

Bowman lost big and, judging by his speech, wants to take the party with him. Westchester County Executive Steve Latimer easily beat the representative 58.4 to 41.6. His failings represent the Democrat party in general. His behavior didn’t help. He pleaded guilty to pulling a fire alarm in the Capitol to delay a vote and believed a building involved in Sept. 11 fell in a planned demolition.


Bowman believes in Hamas

It’s thought that his pro-Hamas feelings and regular calls for an unconditional ceasefire from Israel did more to cause his downfall. In a debate he had last month he refused to condemn “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as hate speech.

He insisted pro-Palestine forces had brought him down. He only had a few supporters at his speech.

“This was never just about me. It was never just about New York 16. It was never just about this race. This movement has always been about justice. We will not stand for the bombing and killing of babies in Gaza. We will never stand for the killing of children in the Bronx on Tuesday night. This race was never about me and me alone. It was never about this district and this district alone. It was always about all of us. Now, our opponents may have won this round at this time in this place. But this will be a battle for our humanity and justice for the rest of our lives.”

Bowman randomly yelled

He accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee of trying to brainwash people into voting for his rival. His language on the way out the door is what Ilhan Omar had to apologize for.

This is what he was and he still got over 40 percent of the vote to be elected at all. There are a lot of people who still cling to what Bowman believes, the anti-Semitism and pro-Hamas sentiments. Those views should lose in November.

Based on polls, Biden and the Democrats are losing. Bowman is leaving but his ideas unfortunately remain. That may tear the Democrats or the Middle East apart.

One of the most watched

Bowman had always condemned the polls that he trailed in as being partisan and inaccurate. The nail in the coffin was when Hillary Clinton endorsed Latimer.

Bowman started screaming at him at an event in Mount Vernon, NY. “He’s in the pocket of Republican billionaires … who are racist. He is also not just anti-black racist, he’s anti-Muslim racist.”

Hillary Clinton said as she endorsed Latimer, “With Trump on the ballot, we need strong, principled Democrats in Congress more than ever. In Congress, @LatimerforNY will protect abortion rights, stand up to the NRA, and fight for President Biden’s agenda — just like he’s always done.”

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