BOMBSHELL: The Shooter Of Ashli Babbit Has Just Admitted a Critical Piece of Info

Without any warning and without being entirely confident that there was an immediate threat to his or anyone else’s safety, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed protester. He has since been lionized as a hero by the national media and politicians while the victim has been subjected to more than a year of slander and insults from the same. Why has no one even thought about punishing Michael Byrd for the murder of Ashli Babbit?

No warnings or de-escalation

Lt. Michael Byrd has said in interviews with the liberal media that he did not know who his target was or whether or not she was an actual threat.

Witnesses have almost universally agreed that there was no warning or attempt to deescalate the situation before the officer shot and killed Babbit, who was unarmed.

Isn’t this contrary to everything we have been told about police reform? There has never been any legitimate ground for arguing that Babbit planned to do anything violent on January 6.

Even if one truly despises the January 6 protesters and their actions, shooting Babbit was completely unjustifiable by any of the moral or legal standards applied to other police officers.

An officer in Minnesota was only recently convicted for shooting an armed and dangerous suspect because she confessed that she had meant to use her taser and fired her sidearm instead.

Kim Potter faces years in prison for making this mistake in confronting a suspect who was a known and active threat. She would have been wholly justified in shooting intentionally.

No consequences for Ashli Babbit shooting

For Michael Byrd, who didn’t even know if the person he intended to shoot at was a threat at all, there has been no such prosecution. In fact, Byrd and his superiors are not even willing to say that the killing was a mistake.

The officer, if anything, seems to be very proud of the fact that he killed an unarmed woman. Byrd has continued to claim that he” saved countless lives.”

Unsurprisingly, the government has investigated the shooting and says that Byrd did nothing wrong. Unlike Kim Potter and Derek Chauvin, Michael Byrd will not even be charged or lose his job.

In fact, the killing of Babbitt is not even seen by Byrd and the Democrats as a regrettable necessity. Instead, the killing of this unarmed woman is celebrated merely because of her political affiliation.

The fact that Byrd has not been punished in any way for the shooting is a troubling sign of things to come. Clearly, government agents are now able to get away with killing unarmed political protesters under the right circumstances.

This should concern everyone, but given that mainstream Democrats increasingly believe that their enemies deserve violent repression, Ashli Babbit isn’t likely to get justice any time soon.

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