House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that Republicans across the country are engaged in a “legislative continuation of January 6. Pelosi made the remark while attacking Republican-led efforts to counter potential voter fraud, efforts which Democrats describe as “voter suppression” and have made into one of their leading rallying cries ahead of the 2022 elections. Those elections are expected to go poorly for Pelosi and her party.

Nancy Pelosi makes a dramatic accusation

Pelosi told MSNBC that Republican-led state legislatures are continuing the work of  January 6; given the extremist rhetoric Pelosi and other Democrats have used regarding that date, this sounds like a threat.

The Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they see the January 6 participants as enemy combatants similar to the perpetrators of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

In this context, the remark from Pelosi is a shockingly radical threat and a blanket accusation of domestic terrorism directed at one of the two major parties.

President Biden echoed that same sentiment recently while describing Georgia, which he labeled the “belly of the beast” and “ground zero for voter suppression.”

Pelosi and her party are, in response to all of this, pushing for their radical voter legislation, which would strip states of their right to protect election integrity and prevent illegal votes.

January 6 is at the center of this leftist effort, serving as a constant casus belli for liberals who hope to use the federal government to crush conservative opposition for good.

Democrats choose repugnant tactic yet again

Of course, if this narrative were true, then Nancy Pelosi, along with most of her party, would also be a domestic terrorist and a threat to American democracy.

Pelosi  now claims that undermining faith in an American election is the gravest of sins, but during the Trump presidency she was of exactly the opposite opinion.

The current speaker was at the forefront of the effort to push the fraudulent and thoroughly disproven story that Russia had rigged the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton.

The idea that there is widespread corruption and voter fraud in cities which have been run by Democratic party machines for decades is far more credible than the idea of Russian manipulation ever was.

The hypocrisy is glaring, but the rhetoric is even more egregious. Republicans denouncing the Russia hoax never stooped to describing members of the other party as domestic terrorists.

If Republicans retake the House and Senate in 2022 Nancy Pelosi may lose her job. Evidently she has settled on this reprehensible approach to attacking her opponents rather than offering any positive reason to justify her reelection.

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