Cancer Survivor Walks the Runway For New York Fashion Week, Reveals Her Inspiring Story

The headline for this story is likely one that left you visibly confused, right? Well, we’re here to talk about 43-year-old Jamie Kastelic, a real estate agent from Michigan and cancer survivor who made headlines for a courageous act on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

She bared it all in an emotional display that demonstrated strength and resilience. Her story reminds us all to stay open to the power of love and acceptance.

When Jamie was 33 years old, she discovered a lump in her breast and had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. After seeking medical advice, she found out that she had cancer and kept it secret from everyone except her husband.

When she finally told her parents about it, she broke down in tears. Despite being faced with this traumatic news, Jamie managed to beat breast cancer after 10 years of treatment – but chose not to have traditional reconstructive surgery due to almost dying from complications related to breast implants.

The runway was taken over by breast cancer survivors who were either battling the disease or had undergone surgery following their diagnoses for Dana Donofree’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection which included post-surgical intimates.

Jamie sported black bra, gray and white shorts along with black fishnet stockings while walking the ramp but what happened next left everyone stunned. At the end of the ramp walk, Jamie reached into her bra and pulled out prosthetic breasts before taking off her top completely thus sending across an empowering message about women’s health through body positivity.

In addition to this awe inspiring moment came artwork by another cancer survivor Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo drawn on each surgical scar along with dangling heart on one side making it even more special as if signifying victory against such an illness.


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