Twitter Sides With Disgusting Elite Pedophiles [Details]

Twitter has banned a large account dedicated to tracking the ongoing trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the companion and collaborator of Jeffrey Epstein who is believed to know crucial information about wealthy and powerful people who may have been connected to the infamous pedophile and blackmailing ring operated by the couple. Epstein died in mysterious circumstances in 2019, leaving Maxwell as the only person who can reveal certain key details.

Twitter deletes account tracking Maxwell trial

The @TrackerTrial account had been posting updates on the trial, which is not being filmed, and had amassed a large following before it was banned from the platform.

Twitter gave the vague explanation that the account was being suspended for “artificially amplifying information” or spamming. This, anecdotally, seems to be the stock justification used when Twitter wants to ban an account which has not technically violated any rules.

The owners of the account have no idea what they did wrong, aside from growing to more than 500,000 followers in a matter of weeks. This growth was organic and due to the intense public interest in the trial.

This is not the first attempt to keep the public in the dark during this trial; both the defense and the prosecution had requested that the public be prevented from observing much of the trial.

That request was denied but the fact that it was made at all highlights the fact that not everyone is too enthusiastic about giving the public access to the information which emerges from this trial.

Maxwell herself reportedly feared that she might end up with a jury of working class individuals who would resent her for her lifestyle and wanted to screen them out without public observation.

Keeping the public in the dark

Twitter may have found some genuine violation to suspend the account for, though no one who operated or followed it seems to be able to suggest what it might have been.

Even if there was a real policy violation it would be very extreme for Twitter to completely ban an account which so many people are following for information.

The company is under new management with the departure of founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Parag Agarwal, the new CEO, has already indicated that he is even less interested in using the platform to promote free speech than his predecessor.

Major companies and the media have been placed in a very difficult position with the Maxwell trial and the Epstein scandal in general.

Both Epstein and Maxwell are guilty and everyone knows it but the media has always been itching to dismiss it all as a conspiracy theory and make sure that the public does not dig too deep.

A pedophile ring which included and influenced some of the most powerful people in the country is not the kind of thing which the mainstream media wants the public to be receiving independent reporting on.

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