Demonic Driver Kills Instructor For Flunking Him

Keith Lamont Blount will not be the driver delivering packages to your door on behalf of FedEx. He’s going to be locked away for a little while after murdering his driving instructor in cold blood. 51-year-old Bartholomew Masciulli dared to flunk Blount simply because he was an unstable maniac who didn’t know how to drive.

Deficient as a driver

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania resident Keith Lamont Blount, age 59, was charged in the brutal murder of FedEx employee Bartholomew Masciulli. The ambush happened at the airport, “weeks after the victim did not approve him to be a driver for the package delivery company.

It seems Mr. Blount took it personally and held a serious grudge. The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office charged Blount with criminal homicide, murder of the first and third degree and firearms charges.

Besides assassinating the FedEx driver, Blount is “also charged in connection with shooting at police officers who were trying to take him into custody following the killing.” This, the District Attorney notes, is an above and beyond case.

According to Jack Stollsteimer, “every homicide is a tragedy, but it is particularly shocking when this level of violence occurs in a place that we want to believe is safe – our workplaces, our schools, our houses of worship.

Flunking a road test isn’t a good reason to kill someone. “The victim in this case had been an employee of FedEx for 28 years, and he had been assigned to evaluate the readiness of a fellow employee to become a driver for FedEx.

When the defendant did not receive a positive evaluation, he decided to retaliate in the worst way possible.


Gunshot wounds to his face

When Tinicum Township police officers rolled up on the Jeep Patriot parked in the Cargo City area of the Philadelphia International Airport, on October 7, they discovered a gruesome crime scene.

Inside was Masciulli, obviously deceased, “suffering from gunshot wounds to his face.” Witnesses spotted “a man speaking to the driver of a Jeep.” They note “the man fired five rounds into the car,” then fled in a Honda Accord.

One witness told police “he knew the suspect.” The witness was aware “the suspect was training to become a FedEx driver and the victim was the driver training instructor.” In only took a few hours to track Blount down at his home.

That’s when he “allegedly shot at two Philadelphia police officers and then fired on four more who responded to the first set of gunshots.” After “officers returned fire and Blount was grazed in the head” he gave up.

Blount was transported to Temple University Hospital. Investigators soon “found fired cartridge casings, a 9mm firearm and additional ammunition in the Honda.” They also say the casings recovered from the FedEx driver murder scene in Tinicum Township “matched the 9mm firearm found in the suspect’s vehicle.

His actions “are reprehensible. We will work to ensure that he is held responsible to the full extent of the law,” insists Stollsteimer. The suspect “is currently being held without bail in Philadelphia, but will be transferred to the George W. Hill Correctional facility.

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