Biden Portrayed Kyle Rittenhouse as a ‘White Supremacist’…Then THIS Happens

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki now says that President Biden does not want to comment on ongoing trials. A year ago it was a different story; candidate Biden was happy to portray Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist and a domestic terrorist in his campaign ads. Wendy Rittenhouse has implied that she will be suing Biden for defaming her son. If Kyle gets the acquittal he deserves there may be quite a few of those lawsuits.

Psaki dodges question

Judge Bruce Schroeder specifically mentioned to the jury that they must disregard the expressed opinions of the President of the United States as they prepared to begin deliberation.

This reminder is necessary for a trial which has included an overt smear campaign against the defendant by a presidential candidate turned president.

Biden included Rittenhouse in a campaign advertisement which identified him as an example of “white supremacist” terror supporting then President Trump.

Psaki refused to acknowledge the Rittenhouse trial specifically, though she was willing to respond with a general condemnation of vigilante action.

Biden and Psaki are happy to condemn armed vigilantes patrolling their communities but there is no condemnation for the people who forced Kyle and countless others to put themselves in those situations.

The politicians and police departments which chose to let rioters loot and burn freely are responsible for the deaths in Kenosha, not Kyle Rittenhouse or anyone else who took up arms to protect themselves.

Rittenhouse family prepared to sue Biden

Of course, plenty of people in both parties leapt to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse immediately after the shootings, emulating the authorities in Kenosha who charged him with murder without any sort of investigation.

The many comparisons to Nick Sandmann are very apt but Rittenhouse has the potential to make Sandmann’s winnings look like a pittance by comparison.

The Rittenhouse family has an opportunity to both win a heap of money and humiliate a president who lied about Kyle in a cheap attack ad.

Biden both defamed Kyle Rittenhouse and undoubtedly impacted the attitude of jurors. Kyle might be acquitted but the fact that there is any doubt at all may be due to the fact that jurors were told by the president that the defendant is guilty.

Biden also weighed in on the Derek Chauvin trial, no doubt playing a part in forcing a guilty verdict in that one. The fact that he is not commenting on this trial as well indicates that he is far less confident about the outcome.

Biden and Psaki are already choosing their words carefully to dodge the lawsuits which will be coming from the Rittenhouse family but they cannot escape from the fact that Biden lied in public about the case in 2020.

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