Failed RINO Now Wants Americans to Believe…

Ohio Representative Anthony Gonzalez, who is leaving both Congress and the Republican Party next year, is offering Americans and his colleagues in the other party a dire warning about a supposed threat of Donald Trump stealing the election in 2024. Gonzalez was one of the few Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in 2021 and the backlash he received from voters embittered him enough to prompt his announcement of an early retirement from politics.

Americans reject rep. who no longer represents them

The Ohio Republican Party voted to censure Gonzalez after his vote to impeach Trump, a vote which most of his constituents strongly disapproved of.

Gonzalez clearly voted according to his personal feelings on the subject at best and at worst he voted for a pointless impeachment simply to pander to the other party.

Gonzalez did not run as an opponent of President Trump and those  Americans who elected him are unlikely to have done so had they known that he would vote for impeachment.

The point of representative government is that elected officials are to represent the wishes of those who elected them and that they can be voted out if they do not do this.

There are perfectly valid points to be made about the importance of leaders following their conscience rather than pandering to the electorate but Gonzalez, who only found his conscience after January 6 apparently, is not the one to be making these points.

Now spitting in the faces of his voters before his departure, Gonzalez is telling Democrats that they must be wary of a potential scheme orchestrated to steal the election for Trump in 2024.

Now stolen elections are real again

This is doubly insulting to Ohio Republicans who felt that the 2020 election was unfair; Gonzalez is both expressing contempt for those concerns and claiming nonsensically that Democrats are the real victims here.

CNN and other liberal media outfits are praising and amplifying this message. What happened to the adamant statements about how every election in the United States is entirely fair and all suggestions otherwise are dangerous conspiracy theories?

There is no possible avenue for Trump to steal the election in 2024 short of his forming loyal militias and ordering them to march on Washington D.C. That’s not a very likely scenario.

In fact, contrary to what Gonzalez claims, Trump and Americans who support him can do nothing at all in 2024 if Democrats were to decide to “fortify” the election again and keep him out of office.

Democrats have such a pervasive hold over government institutions that a Republican victory in 2024 will be nearly impossible. Gonzalez knows that this is true.

His remarks are not a warning, they are an encouragement to Democrats who are already committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that Trump is never able to return to office.

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