And Now It’s Happening in Canada [Info]

Following the lead of the United States, the Canadian government and military have begun to crack down on supposed right wing extremist recruitment in the country. Like the Pentagon, the Canadian Armed Forces have cited a handful of cases to justify an increased focus on targeting alleged terrorism within the military and law enforcement. This indicates that an ideological purge may take place in Canada in the near future.

Canada emulates Biden’s Pentagon

President Biden and his allies have been vocal about their desire to cleanse the United States military of potential dissidents since coming to power in January.

While this campaign is said to be devoted to rooting out extremism and terrorism, the definitions being used for these terms are disturbingly vague.

Realistically, the United States government is working to secure a more loyal military by ensuring that the armed forces are ideologically in line with what the White House promotes.

High ranking officers like Mark Milley have publicly promoted these efforts and defended the use of extremist anti-white propaganda in reeducation programs for recruits.

Now Canada is following the lead of its southern neighbor by claiming that there is a population of domestic terrorists within the ranks of its own armed forces.

Despite a dearth of evidence, the Canadian government is planning a sweeping campaign against alleged extremism among those who have volunteered to defend it.


Purges to come

Canada has faced attacks by domestic extremists this year, though not from the right. Churches were burned and monuments were defaced earlier this year as part of a zealous anti-Catholic and anti-Canadian frenzy which consumed much of the country.

Rather than working to prevent more of this, the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau is claiming that there is an active threat to national security within the military and law enforcement.

Like the United States government, Canada claims that there are anti-government elements which are attempting to spread their ideologies within the armed forces.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network, like the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center in the United States, is working to promote this idea and pave the way for a purge.

As the definition of extremism inevitably broadens there may be a very extensive, if slow, purge of the armed forces in both countries with the backing of these groups.

There mere fact that there are statements being made about this subject by the government will be enough to create an atmosphere of fear and distrust among those serving, who could be targeted at any time for expressing the wrong opinions.

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