VIDEO: Kamala Makes a Fool of America on the World Stage

Kamala Harris, after a period of dodging questions about the subject, was finally forced to comment on the situation in Afghanistan during her visit to Singapore. Harris has been conspicuously absent in regards to the Afghanistan debacle and has reportedly sought to distance herself as thoroughly as possible from the withdrawal disaster, despite previously stating that she was an enthusiastic supporter of Biden’s plans to  withdrawal.

Fleeing from the crisis

Kamala Harris appears to be finding that being vice president is not quite as desirable as it may have initially looked when she was first chosen.

Harris has fallen over the course of the last eight months from being heir apparent to the presidency to being one of the most consistently unpopular figures in the Biden Administration.

Democrat higher ups appear to have serious concerns about her ability to take the presidency in the future; there was never any good reason to believe that Kamala would make a good leader and that shows no sign of changing any time soon.

After widespread criticism for her failure to do anything about the border crisis, Kamala seemingly fled the country as the situation in Afghanistan spiraled out of control.

A visit to Vietnam and Singapore was intended to convey the American commitment to countering Chinese influence abroad; instead it is underlining the absence of global leadership from America.

American allies in Southeast Asia and the Pacific have serious concerns about future Chinese expansion. These fears are unlikely to be assuaged by the presence of Kamala Harris right now.

Kamala dodges Afghanistan question

Harris was directly asked at a press conference about what went wrong in the Biden Administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The United States has been left scrambling to evacuate citizens with a looming deadline and a tense truce with the Taliban. There is no denying that the White House has failed repeatedly in Afghanistan.

Like other members of the Biden Administration, Kamala appeared to want nothing to do with the unfolding catastrophe. The vice president refused to comment on any of the specifics of the Kabul situation.

Instead, Harris simply stated that the United States is committed to evacuating citizens and eligible Afghans, without mentioning anything about how the White House intends to complete the task.

For any outside observer it is abundantly obvious that no one in the Biden Administration has any desire to be too closely associated to what is happening in Afghanistan.

Kamala showed no interest in saying anything substantial about the current crisis. She clearly hopes to avoid any responsibility for the situation but choosing to deflect and ignore the disaster may be just as harmful to her image in the future.

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