Chinese Plans Emerge

The Chinese Communist Party is continuing to increase pressure on Taiwan in preparation for the ultimate conquest of the island which they have long planned for. China is in the midst of a major military build-up that is centered around plans for an invasion of Taiwan, which Beijing wants to be prepared to engage in at any moment. A war being fought to resolve the Taiwan situation is thought to be a very likely scenario in the future.

Tensions rise steadily in Taiwan Strait

Taiwan has never been under the direct rule of the current Communist Party Regime. Chinese nationalist forces retreated to the island after their defeat in the country’s civil war and it has never reunited politically with the mainland.

In the following decades the United States exclusively recognized the Taiwan government in exile as the legitimate government of China.

This position was reversed in the late 1970s when formal relations began with the communist mainland regime. The United States technically supports the Chinese claim that Taiwan is a legitimate province of China.

Unofficially the United States has extensively supported the military of Taiwan, which is well equipped as a result of this relationship.

The official status of relations can still cause confusion, as shown recently when the Biden Administration was forced to apologize to Beijing after including the flag of Taiwan in a social media post.

While the government of Taiwan once held on to ambitions for retaking the mainland, those days are long gone and the Taiwanese military is almost exclusively dedicated to preparing for a potential invasion by Chinese forces.

Chinese military prepares for final confrontation with Taiwan

As Taiwan become more and more detached from the rest of China, pressure grows on the Beijing government to ensure that the country does not get a chance to formally declare independence, which they have stated would trigger immediate military action.

The Chinese navy currently has two aircraft carriers in active service and plans to increase that number to a total of six. Another major focus of the naval expansion has been the amphibious assault ships which will be necessary to transport troops to Taiwan.

Fighters and bombers from nearby air force bases are to be used to establish quick air superiority and strike ground targets while transport aircraft bring in airborne units to secure key locations.

China could very quickly ferry over huge numbers of soldiers and material with their current naval and air forces, but the invasion would still be an extremely high risk for Beijing.

Taiwan is well equipped and has a conscription based military which has had decades to prepare their defenses for this specific threat. An invasion would inevitably be costly for China, even without foreign intervention.

This risk of drawing other nations into a potential conflict and sparking a much larger war is undoubtedly the most important deterrent against a Chinese invasion. Once China is prepared to attack, the decision will ultimately depend on testing American willingness to intervene.

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