Jeffrey Epstein’s Girlfriend Drops BOMBSHELL Announcement

Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend dropped a bombshell announcement on the NY Daily News. Even she says he didn’t hang himself. She talked to him right before he died and “was not under the impression Epstein was suicidal.”

Epstein talked to girlfriend and wasn’t suicidal

A federal prosecutor from New York’s Southern District is going through all Jeffrey Epstein’s taped conversations to and from the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Epstein’s very last phone conversation was with Karyna Shuliak. “When she hung up the phone she was not under the impression Epstein was suicidal.”

That matches up with what Epstein’s attorney said earlier. During a recent hearing in Manhattan, Reid Weingarten told the judge that his entire legal team “did not see a despairing, despondent, suicidal person.”

The prosecutor contacted his girlfriend to see if she could point out any “hidden meanings that could only be understood by the duo that had been together for four or five years,” according to three unnamed sources. She didn’t want to say much other than she was as shocked as everyone else on August 10.

Shuliak wasn’t a ‘victim’

You can’t blame the young woman for being cagey with prosecutors, she may be facing charges of her own before long. The adult, described as being in her 30’s was a dentist. She wasn’t one of his sex slaves, or if she was, she liked it.

Shuliak claims she knew nothing at all about the young girls that Epstein loved to play with, all over the globe, but she happened to be married to one of them. At least until July of 2019, shortly after Epstein was arrested.

Karyna seems to have been legitimately in love with the multi-millionaire and was with him in Paris last summer. He was arrested at Teterboro Airport on the way back from that trip. Epstein’s girlfriend was back home in her native Belarus when she learned of his hanging.

Jennifer Kalin married Shuliak in October 2013.

A sham marriage to get citizenship

Publicly available records show that Shuliak was married to “an alleged Epstein victim who is a U.S. citizen.” Jennifer Kalin married Shuliak in October 2013. A suit filed by another victim in the case alleges Epstein “forced her into a sham marriage to keep a victim who wasn’t a U.S. citizen in the country.”

As spelled out in the complaint filed by victim attorney Sigrid McCawley, “Jeffrey Epstein’s international sex trafficking ring harmed an incomprehensible number of girls and these sham same-sex marriages served a basic and important purpose for Epstein’s trafficking operation because they enabled Epstein to get citizenship for girls that he wanted to keep in this country without facing a high level of scrutiny in the citizenship process.”

Shuliak’s dental practice is now in jeopardy. One of her offices is registered in the Virgin Islands at a bogus address which coincidentally is the same one used by “a charitable foundation, a company that owned Epstein’s jet and his shady international bank, among other corporate entities.” She had a dental chair in Epstein’s Florida mansion and allegedly worked on the teeth for everyone in Epstein’s harem.

Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell hiding?

According to the three sources, there are separate investigations currently working. Besides tracking down all his shady income sources and a list of all his friends who abused the sex slaves, one is trying to track down Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s allegedly the personal assistant who rounded up and trained all the young girls.

A secret undersea lair below the temple?

One of the more salacious of the rumors floating around the interweb is that she could be hiding in a secret undersea lair below the temple on Epstein’s pedophile island. She does in fact have a license to pilot “submersible vehicles.”

An underground complex beneath the island.

The conspiracy crowd is having a field day matching that theory up with other wild speculation surrounding the “mysterious temple” on the island. The latest theory is that the temple is the top of an elevator shaft leading to an underground complex beneath the island which may very well have an undersea entrance for a submarine.

“I’ve heard Ghislaine has a sub license and there were many levels under Epstein’s temple… what a perfect place to hide.”

  1. Wow…looks like old Epstein really had this all figured out with the liberal Democrats pushing same sex marriages so he could conveniently hide or conceal the girls behind fake marriages. Makes you wonder who else was involved with all this since our ex president was such a customer on Epstein’s plane and island. Was it a cover for foreign agents to control certain Americans in high places?? who knows…no wonder he is no longer breathing air.

  2. Brace yourself fellow citizens, if those who have the information of all Epstein’s parties, his association with known ” pillars of the community ” and PRECISELY what was discovered during the search of all his properties, those who were “blackmailed, exhorted, got caught with their pants or opanties down and the attorney general is not afraid of hurting the feelings of those who praise Epstein, the WALLS may come tumblin down!!!!

    1. We can only hope she lives long enough to rat them out this time. Let’s not forget her daddy was most likely murdered even though he is rumored to have had connections to the mossad.

    2. Earnest, have you ever wondered why Mr. Barr has not prosecuted anyone yet??? He is protecting the swamp and getting rid of evidence.

      1. Don’t think Mr. Barr is protecting any “swamp critter”.
        Have you thought that Mr. Barr may be getting all the eggs(offenders) in one basket(indictments) before giving them a chance to flee to other countries?

  3. Aaaah! A federal prosecutor is looking into the Epstein affair. The same Southern District of NY that has been trying to frame the President? Now that is reassuring.

  4. This woman better hide or she could be next to commit suicide. Epstein did put the noose around his neck but he was given much help in dying. He chose to make it look like Suicide. See Epstein’s first so called suicide attempt was a warning not to talk. The Second time it was carried out as a FAKE Suicide because a Democrapic puppet in the moron media leaked(???)a story about Prince Andrew and a unnamed retired Democrapic Senator. When this unnamed Democrap popped up in records Epstein had the Democraps(ie Clinton’s and other high profile Democraps). Epstein had to die because if he lived he could substantiate the records. There are far far too many things that happened that say this was no Suicide.

  5. Epstein got to the point where is friends wanted him dead and his enemies wanted him alive. his friends, apparently, had the connections to do it; his enemies didn’t have the connections to prevent it.

  6. Epstein likely flew the coop. He was too rich to stay in jail or even kill himself. He is likely setting up somewhere else. Who knows?

  7. The fbi is doing a great job lol …. let this guy get killed in custody….. still have no clue what happened in the Vegas shootings….. too busy trying to f… Trump instead of doing their jobs…… fbi needs a big enema

  8. The Clinton’s and their toadies are frantically trying to come up with a new way for her to commit Arkinside before she can rat them out.

  9. Fake same-sex marriages to get young women into the country? The sexual revolution is such a convenient cover for wealthy and powerful men to exploit weaker persons. I can already see young parents becoming very mistrustful of other adults; as I’m sure ephebophilia and pedophilia are slated for MSM puff pieces before too long. We are living in a horrible era. May God turn us, lest we become as Sodom and Gomorrah.

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