Racism Works Both Ways, When Will Caucasians Decide Enough is Enough?

The Washington Post believes that white people need to feel deeply ashamed of their race. A video produced by the Post tells white people that they must for “accountability groups” and enter into a “period of deep shame” for being white. The video was part of a series hosted by Marxist journalist Nicole Ellis, which focuses on spreading anti-white propaganda on behalf of the wider BLM movement and other leftist forces.

Whites must feel “deep shame”

Ellis and other leftists smile in the video as they express their contempt for white people and explain that they are responsible as a whole for racism in America.

“White people don’t really understand racism,” said one grinning speaker featured in the Washington post video, before explaining that white Americans need to be held “accountable” for their everyday racism.

The Washington Post appears to feel that white people must actively suffer and feel guilt for their “whiteness,” something which leftists have increasingly talked of abolishing or eliminating.

This genocidal talk of “abolishing whiteness” seems as if it belongs only on the most radical fringe of campus leftism. In 2021, however, it is being actively pushed by the most powerful media and government entities in America.

These ideas have become mainstream in American schools, workplaces, and entertainment. The push to vilify people of European heritage has appeared to be unstoppable over the past year, but the current progress has been years in the making.

Communist “academic” Noel Ignatiev spent decades calling for the “abolition of the white race,” something which he believed only a white supremacist would oppose.

“Abolish whiteness”

“keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too” said Ignatiev in one essay. Ignatiev himself died in 2019 after a lifetime devoted to spreading racial hatred.

He would undoubtedly be proud to see how ubiquitous his beliefs have become since his death. These radical racial politics are not relegated to the fringe in 2021, they are being pushed on Americans of every age and class.

The urgent question for everyone in America, and particularly for journalists and academics like Nicole Ellis and Noel Ignatiev, is how much more of this the average American will be willing to accept.

The Biden Administration is already hard at work with a major campaign to prevent any major backlash from  appearing; according to the Department of Justice and the FBI, those who oppose these radical leftist ideas are “domestic terrorist” threats.

The call for “accountability groups” to ensure that white people are feeling sufficiently ashamed joins a long list of extremist suggestions which are beginning to finally awaken widespread anger among Americans of the non self-loathing variety.

Genocidal rhetoric and overt threats may make leftists like those at the Washington Post feel very good about themselves, but by exposing their own agenda so publicly, they may be inspiring real resistance from those who understand their insane proposals.

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