Juneteenth Mixed With Democrats Dangerous Rhetoric Leads to Violence Across the Nation Over the Weekend

Juneteenth was celebrated across the country over the weekend with a series of chaotic outbursts of  mob violence and shootings. Dozens were injured and at least five were killed by Juneteenth weekend violence. The crime wave appears to have been at least partially inspired by the widespread euphoria which the new holiday has sparked; anarchy appeared to be the general theme of the Juneteenth festivities in most cities.

Juneteenth weekend a great success for BLM

In Oakland, California a street party was only momentarily interrupted by a shooting which left one dead and five injured. The Mayor of Oakland described the festivities as “joyous.”

After EMTs arrived on the scene with an ambulance they reportedly became trapped in the mob and unable to extricate the shooting victims in a timely fashion.

A video claimed to have been taken at the scene shows dozens of  Oakland residents celebrating their newest holiday by climbing and “twerking” on the ambulance, seemingly not concerned about the shooting victims.

In Raleigh, North Carolina an EMS worker was shot at the local celebration while attempting to assist someone in need of medical attention. 114 bullets were fired at a Juneteenth party in Aurora, Colorado, leaving one dead and four injured.

Juneteenth, which was unanimously made a federal holiday by both parties in the United States Senate, is intended to be a second Independence Day under the influence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The celebrations over the weekend did not appear to be particularly life-affirming, but Juneteenth traditions are still new to most of America. Perhaps this is how the holiday is meant to be celebrated.

Newest federal holiday marked with traditional celebrations

Independence Day is celebrated with fireworks, Thanksgiving with turkey, and Juneteenth apparently with random violence and mass shootings.

Our newest federal holiday may be unique in this regard, but it is also unique in being the only explicitly racial holiday and the only one devoted to decrying the sins of the United States.

Large statues of George Floyd were unveiled in several cities, serving as replacements for the many historic statues of soldiers and political leaders which were destroyed last year.

The timing is fitting, as the chain of events which led to Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday arguably began when Floyd attempted to use a counterfeit $20 bill.

Senator Ted Cruz described Juneteenth as a “special celebration” and, across the country, the celebrations were certainly very special.

Juneteenth weekend may have ended for 2021, but now that the holiday has gained federal recognition America can look forward to another great celebration next year.

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