GOP Chair Just Resigned…She Couldn’t Handle the Heat

Another GOP leader has resigned, it seems she couldn’t handle the heat. The party announced late in the evening on January 31 that Shirlene Ostrov, head of Hawaii’s Republican Party, is stepping down after four years in her position.

The announcement of her resignation comes just one week after the Hawaii GOP made national headlines for some controversial tweets that defended supporters of Q-Anon.

The tweets, which were posted on the Hawaii Republican Party’s official Twitter account, said that Q-Anon followers did not deserve mockery, and stated that they were “largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America.”

The tweets also referred to Q-Anon followers as “patriots,” and other tweets blamed the media for creating a “hyperbolic” narrative.

The official who wrote the tweets, Hawaii GOP Vice Chair of Communications Edwin Boyette, has since resigned through a Facebook post. In his statement, he wrote “the discussion of the Q-Conspiracy was an error of judgement.”

Ostrov apparently did not believe that Boyette’s resignation was enough, and told the party that she believed she should step down as well in order for the party to recover.

“I believe the policies of the last four years will stand the test of time. But having won many battles to continue improving America through conservative principles, we are at a crossroads,” Ostrov said in a statement.

“Since our 46th President was inaugurated, our party is redefining itself. We have a stark but important choice to make: either we rededicate ourselves to our Constitution and continue to defend and uphold our best American institutions and traditions or we get distracted by conspiracy theories and social media wars,” her statement continued.

Despite her resignation, Ostrov will continue serving on the Hawaii Republican Party’s executive committee.

Boyd Ready will serve as acting chair until Ostrov’s permanent replacement is chosen in May.

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