Video Shows Just How F-D We Are With Biden at the Wheel Half Asleep

You shouldn’t talk generalities when you’re talking numbers. Biden sounds like he’s trying to be more precise while being clear as mud. You can hear the Democrats now, “at least it’s a Democrat in office!” They’ll muddle through, cover for him just as long as there’s a “D” after his name. You can cut off your nose to spite your face. We were successfully running the United States like a business. It made sense.

Biden doesn’t communicate well

He doesn’t make sense so people are left wondering what he said. How do you run a country like that? You can’t. You have to ask others what’s going on.

He was pushed into this position. He was probably told people would be behind him. We had some idea how bad it would be.

Biden probably understands what he means

But nobody else does. Unlike Obama, he doesn’t seem to have anybody running cover for him. With Obama it was, “That’s what he said, this is what he meant”. Curiously, his buddy Obama isn’t there now.

The Presidency was thought to be a public relations position for many years. You just needed to present good optics. After Trump we discover the more you run the United States like a business, the better!

Pelosi will likely use the 25th Amendment on him

His speech is more garbled than Obama’s. Kamala does speak much better than Biden. Age may very well have something to do with it. She has nearly 20 years on him. He’s 78, she is still in her ’50’s, born 1964.

We got through eight years of Obama with Biden in his shadow. He and a number of other Democrats are likely pulling his strings. However when Trump got into office, we found out how many horrible deals we were a part of. Obama may have said he loved the United States but actions speak louder than words. He detested America.

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