Rashida Tlaib is TOAST After House Ethics Committee Unanimously Rules Against Her

Alleged lawmaker Rashida Tlaib illegally paid herself a salary from her campaign fund after she won her 2018 election. A unanimous House Ethics Committee ruled Friday that she violated the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971. The Muslim Democrat from Michigan will be living on toast for the next year, because that’s exactly what she’ll be – if she doesn’t pay the money back within a year.

Pay it back within one year

She may have defeated her primary challenger, but Rashida Tlaib just got slapped down hard by the House Ethics Committee. They found unanimously that she violated “personal use restrictions.” It turns out that she collected $10,800 in salary from her campaign, “when she was no longer a congressional candidate in late 2018.” All will be well once again, the committee assures, as long as she repays “that amount back to her campaign within one year.”

The way they wrote it up in their report, the committee “determined that the evidence is sufficient to support a determination that a portion of the salary payments that Representative Tlaib received after the 2018 general election was inconsistent with the requirements outlined by [FECA] and its implementing regulations.” They admit it could have been worse. It looks like it was a mistake and they give her the benefit of the doubt.

“The Committee also recognizes, however, that Representative Tlaib’s violation of the applicable restrictions was one of bad timing and not ill intent.” They buy her story that “Representative Tlaib engaged in good faith efforts to comply with the relevant FECA requirements.” They couldn’t find any solid proof that she tried to “unjustly enrich herself by receiving the campaign funds at issue.”

Candidates allowed a salary

While they’re running down the campaign trail, any candidate for federal office is allowed to “pull a salary from their campaign as long as it is no more than the amount they made the prior year.” So says the Federal Election Commission. The rules make it clear that the pay period ends the day of the general election. Win or lose, after that the individual is no longer a “candidate.” Tlaib tried to use the Sharia interpretation of the law.

The campaign started shelling a regular $2,000 out to Tlaib, every two weeks, beginning in early May. The illegal activity happened “weeks after election victory.” Just in time for Christmas, she got a check for $15,500 from the campaign. According to a staffer, that figure represented “the inclusion of various “salary deferred” payments that Tlaib “was supposed to get that she didn’t get paid,” during her 2018 campaign.

When they put her under the hot lights, Tlaib testified to the Ethics Committee that “she had concerns about her campaign’s ability to pay her a salary after her primary victory,” but she ignored them. she justified it as “back pay.” The Committee glowered a little when they noted for the record that they “credit” Tlaib’s explanation but even so, she can’t keep the money. “She is not entitled to retain the full $15,500 payment.”

  1. Cheating is to be expected from Muslims so no surprise here, but Talib will have to learn American ways if she hopes to stay out of trouble.

  2. TOAST? She continues to hold her seat in congress!? Those DC dirt and criminal sweepers are staying busy with this group of communist democrats. Sweeping all that DIRT under the rug of DC.

  3. Arrest the muslimbitch, charge her with anything you can think of, including being anti-American and seditious. The rescind her American citizenship and either exile, or deport her, permanently, to any vacant sand dune in another country.

  4. You think that matters at all? You’re deluding yourself! She’s female, minority (not just any minority, but a Muslim), and a Democrat. Any one of he three would guarantee that she’ll skate.

  5. So she gets to keep her job after lying and stealing money … I want a job like that . But I won’t be a delusional democrat to have it . Just another day in the delusional democrat world of lies and corruption

  6. Those saying that Tlaib needs to learn American ways forget she was born here but just doesn’t care about anything but America’s downfall . Also the woman is a lawyer for cryin’ out loud . Ok so she works for a low cost legal firm for women’s rights or something . Still she made a decent living at that and should have been able to meet her expenses with what was legally permitted . That she has been given a year to repay the $10,800 is more than generous considering her Congressional salary . I do not see why they do not just garnish that amt from her paycheck . Any claim by her of not knowing the rules should be rejected out of hand . She is a lawyer therefore can read and understand the law and rules . What is apparent is that she made a flagrant attempt to skirt those rules for personal gain and a significant sum of money . To claim ignorance of the law is not a defence in any court of law . Tlaib is nothing more than a foul mouthed individual hiding behind and using her gender , religion and minority status to A/ get over on the American people and , B/ use that status to destroy America and it’s values anyway possible . In essence , Rashida Tlaib needs to 1st be suspended from Coingress until the monies are repaid . 2nd publicly apologize to both Congress and her constituents . 3rd remember she took an oath to serve and obey the laws of this nation and to uphold and defend the constitution . 4th and lastly she needs to resign from Congress and leave the United States as she clearly cares nothing for the American people or American Laws , rules and common decency .

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