Whistleblower in Fear For His Life

Whistleblower Chaosheng (Charles) Shi has a hearing tomorrow in a Chinese Communist Party court. “If you do not receive my message of safe return,” he writes, “I am compromised or even terminated.” Amnesty International has been notified. The next 36 hours are critical for a man who committed the “crime” of doing what’s right.

Whistleblower expecting to be ‘detained or compromised’

Two years ago, Charles Shi alerted the flying public to the fact that Boeing 737’s were being built using dangerously substandard counterfeit parts. Tomorrow, the company the whistleblower accused of supplying those half-baked “bogus” parts is having him hauled into a Chinese Communist Party court. They sued him for defamation. New Hong Ji has all the aces, because the local police thoughtfully turned over to them every scrap of evidence Mr. Shi collected to use against them. He is required to appear in Suzhou Appeal court, on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. He may not be allowed to leave.

Mr. Shi has been working closely with U.S. journalists in the past two years, from Reuters to the Epoch Times. This author first began following Mr. Shi’s bombshell accusations in early 2018. He was in fear for his life back then. “Chinese Whistleblower Chaosheng Shi has a target on his back. ‘China is a jungle here. My life is already compromised,’ he writes in an exclusive email to Conservative Daily Post. ‘I have no way to escape, I have to fight to the end.'” This could be the end he envisioned.

Two years ago, Mr. Shi’s allegations caused the U.S. Inspector General for the Department of Transportation, who watches over the Federal Aviation Administration, to agree with the whistleblower that “FAA’s oversight of industry actions to remove unapproved parts is ineffective.” That’s as far as it went, officially. Behind the scenes they quietly took action to begin correcting some of the deficiencies.

The reason why is money

Mr. Shi is afraid the Inspector General “is playing politics as well.” The reason why, as always, is money. “Moog knew the violation is costly to recall,” because they would have to remove “all suspected unapproved parts per FAA order,” Shi states. Boeing would likewise have to pull the parts off of all the planes where they are currently installed. Worse for the manufacturer, Shi only documented one bogus part of several. The whistleblower tracked one specific part, from the substandard ingredients to the final shipping approval, as an example. His job within the company was as “supply chain manager.” He was simply doing the job he was trained and paid to do.

He didn’t want to muddy the water on a complicated chain of events and it was used against him. Officials downplay the threat due to it’s limited scope. “So they chose to cover up and fraudulently misrepresent the violation,” Mr. Shi relates. The controversial whistleblower has been nervous about his day in court Tuesday for a while now. The town of Suzhou is where he filed his complaint to the “local CCP disciplinary and supervision commission” about the “law enforcement and judicial corruption” surrounding NHJ’s “fake defamation law suit.” Mr. Shi wrote to his journalistic contacts on Monday, “I shall send you a message upon my return from Suzhou within 36 hours. If you do not receive my message of safe return I am compromised or even terminated.”

Mr. Shi also relates that “3 days ago,” he was “called to a police station in Fuling area of Chongqing city.” He was “traveling with my ex wife,” who left because his whistleblower status made her fear for her own life. Chongqing is her “home town.” The police asked “if and when I was in contact with foreign connections,” including yours truly.

Whistleblower refuses to delete the evidence

The police also wanted to know “if I have external blogs such as twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.” He does. They demanded he delete the content. Mr. Shi refused. The whistleblower made everything private, viewable only by him, but kept it all intact. “As a precaution to avoid further police unwarranted arrest, I have now changed my social media.” He refuses to “delete the information because all the information I put there are solely about NHJ counterfeiting, Moog and Boeing, the FAA, Chinese law enforcement as well judicial organs cover up and corruption, nothing politics.”

“Speaking the truth and fact on counterfeiting and judicial corruption” goes solidly against “the party line and Chinese laws.” They don’t have the same Constitutional protections that Americans enjoy. “I am a lawful and known whistleblower who should not be silenced in any social system ruled by law.” He’s absolutely right and Amnesty international has been made aware of his situation.

Mr. Shi still thinks his career as a whistleblower all been worth it and insists he did nothing to be declared a political prisoner, sent to a work camp, prison, or worse. “I could not, and dare not, speak against the social system, the CCP party and President Xi. In fact, all I have been seeking was to ask CCP and President Xi to deal with and dispose of the cover-up and corruption covering up NHJ counterfeiting.”

Mr. Shi is grateful to all the readers who have been following his story around the globe. “Joe, Keng and Mark’s articles helped me spread the truth and fact,” whistleblower Shi relates, “that also helped deter the Chinese law enforcement to arrest me without charge until now. I am deeply thankful. I will also update you any result of Suzhou Appeal court final decision on my appeal.”

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