Nickelodeon Star Madisyn Shipman Discusses Her Transition to Playboy

Best known for her role as Kenzie Bell in the hit Nickelodeon kids’ comedy Game Shakers, Madisyn Shipman has really make a shocking name for herself in her older years. Now four years after the last episode of the kids’ comedy show, this 20-year-old actress has taken on a completely different career path.

Shipman is now making waves on Playboy’s online platform with her smoldering photoshoots in lingerie and bikinis – but keeping it “PG”.

It was only last year when Madisyn had her last acting role in sitcom Call Me Kat.

Then, out of the blue, her fellow Nickelodeon star friend invited her to a basketball game hosted by Playboy and she was soon signed up as one of their models.

This shock transition came as a surprise for many fans who were used to seeing Madisyn acting on screen instead of posing in front of the camera for raunchy modelling content.

Madisyn admits that embracing her body has been met with criticism from people who assume that the only way she can be successful is by showing everything.

However, she refuses to let this stop her from expressing herself and being proud of what makes her unique – no matter how controversial or risqué it may be perceived by others.

In an interview with Daily Star, Madisyn said: “The great thing about the Playboy platform is that they let creators decide how they want to express themselves and their sexuality. For me personally, the raciest my content ever gets is a photo in lingerie or a bikini.”

By choosing not just lingerie or bikini shots but also pictures of herself fully clothed, Madisyn proves that models don’t have stick only one type of image if they want success.

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