Flash Mob Seize LA Intersection, Ransack 7-Eleven [Watch]

With nothing better to do in the morning, a “giant flash mob ransacked and looted a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles.” Before they did that, they occupied an intersection. Police didn’t do much. It’s not like they were deplorable patriots taking over a wildlife refuge or something.

Mob strips 7-Eleven bare

The 7-Eleven incident happened early Monday morning on August 15 but the media didn’t get around to telling anyone about it for a few days. It started out like a repeat of typical neighborhood social life.

Since they can’t terrorize the sixth street bridge, local anarchists commandeered the intersection of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard. Basically, police explain, “the crowd held a street takeover nearby.” They “blocked traffic with their vehicles and performed ‘donuts.’

Once the excitement was over, the crowd had the munchies and decided to visit the nearby 7-Eleven for some snacks and smokes. The way police describe it, they left “the store in disarray.

Employees viewed what happened just a little differently. The mayhem started when a “large group entered the convenience store.

Surveillance video from the store shows looters fanning out across the store and grabbing various items, including drinks, cigarettes, lottery tickets and other merchandise.

Ever since California decriminalized shoplifting, this is the obvious result. Recently, 7-Eleven was forced to shut all their LA stores at night, because they were specifically targeted by a group of dedicated armed robbers.

About 100 people involved

Black Lives Matter associates have all been programmed with the safety in numbers philosophy. The Los Angeles Police Department was powerless to stop it, or do anything about it, but they watched the video tapes and count about 100 people looting the shelves. Someone “threw merchandise at a store employee.

The guy behind the 7-Eleven counter “feared for his life, LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno told reporters.” But not until Thursday. “One of the suspects seen on video was a man wearing a Colorado Rockies hat who was throwing food at the store employee.” Once they round him up they have a scapegoat and can close the case.

Employees of the 7-Eleven were smart enough not to fight back. They went by the convenience store and fast food book on riots, “stash the cash and save your a$$.” The way police put it, “there was no resistance. No fight put up.


The looting didn’t take long. As soon as everyone grabbed their fair share of reparations, they split before cops could arrive. When they did, they confiscated what was left of the donuts as “evidence.

Now, they have to have detectives go through the video frame by frame with a calculator to see if any individual looter managed to exceed the $950 threshold which makes it a crime. A few may have made it onto the radar.

Footage of the incident appears to show someone going over a store counter and throwing what appears to be packs of cigarettes toward the unruly crowd.” That adds up quick. “We really want to prevent this from becoming a new trend,” Detective Moreno notes. Officials at 7-Eleven are considering shutting operations in California down completely. It’s not worth it.

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