HUNDREDS Gather at NYC Courthouse to Defend…

It was bad enough that New York City teachers were fired for refusing the controversial and experimental COVID-19 vaccine shots. Adding legal injury to the insult, the city turned all their fingerprints in to the FBI with “problem code” flags. Now, those flags are following them everywhere, they explain. It’s making conscientiously objecting educators seem like fugitive domestic terror suspects, simply for exercising their Constitutional rights.

Privacy of teachers invaded

Fox News is reporting that “the fingerprints of un-vaccinated New York City teachers were reportedly sent to the FBI with ‘problem code‘ flags, prompting outrage from former educators who lost their jobs over the mandate.

What the city of New York did to them is an illegal and unjust invasion of privacy, those affected insist. They have lawyers to back them up.

On February 8, an attorney representing these teachers in court announced they’re filing suit against the city. John Bursch argues that educators who “refused the shot now have a flag in their file.

That, he insists, “will impact their ability to get another job.” He wants to make sure they don’t get away with such unconstitutional overreach.

When the city puts these problem codes on employees who have been terminated because of their unconstitutional policies, not only do they have this flag in their files, but their fingerprints are sent with that flag to the FBI and the New York Criminal Justice Services, so it impacts their ongoing ability to get employment at other places.

Rachelle Garcia is one of the teachers ousted for refusing the COVID vaccine. She dropped in to the Fox studios on Tuesday, February 14, with colleague Michael Kane. They also had Investigative journalist Betsy Combier on hand to explain what she uncovered.

Allegations are ‘infuriating’

Rachelle Garcia is one of the fired teachers and she has some choice words for the things New York City did to her and others like her. “This is both outrageous and infuriating because my first question to the government or whatever, is basically, what did I do? What kind of criminal activity did I participate besides denying something that I felt that was right for me?

Her objection was that “religiously, mentally, I just didn’t want anything experimental on my body.” What crime did she commit? “I don’t understand. Why am I being flagged? Why is my fingerprint being sent to the FBI?” Injecting the tissue of aborted babies is seen by many as “black mass” and they refuse to do it on religious grounds. Garcia is one of them. Her 15 years experience in the classroom didn’t count for anything and her “religious exemption request was denied.

Betsy Combier had some insight on that. She had written “an affidavit uncovering how the Education Department was allegedly able to ‘flag‘ certain teachers without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.” She found out that the Department of Education “has right now an agency called the Office of Personnel Investigation.” She doesn’t like them one bit.

What they do is they have employees of the DOE who, forgive me, call themselves investigators, but they’re not. So they work for OPI.” When anyone, usually a principal, sends them a complaint, “then they start putting the code on the file, and I think that that’s outrageous, like Rachel said, because no one is told why it’s there, what they did, and in most times, in my experience, the person did nothing wrong.

It was done en masse as well. Combier found out that teachers who did not have a “valid vaccination card” were immediately flagged with a “problem code” that was sent to the FBI and DOJ. Garcia calls that “an invasion of privacy,” warning “we have to stop them in their tracks now.

Michael Kane, an activist and fellow plaintiff in the suit described how he had previously “demanded action from the city over the allegations.” He agrees “we need an investigation. I’m talking right now to members of the Common Sense Caucus in city hall. They are outraged by this, and we will be calling on Mayor Eric Adams in New York City to investigate this thoroughly.

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