Ukraine Dealt HUGE LOSS to Russians

Ukraine had a really good day…

According to reports, a Ukraine missile strike killed 63 Russians.

While the strike has been confirmed, there are some big questions about the actual number of casualties.

Big Numbers

This was one of the most successful missile strikes to date carried out by Ukraine.

It was done using the HIMARS missile system that the United States gifted to Ukraine as part of these massive aid packages.

The question in regard to how many troops were actually killed surfaced after some rumblings on social media.

Those reports, while not confirmed, stated that the missiles had struck some makeshift barracks that were housing hundreds of troops.

Regardless, this is a massive win for Ukraine in this battle, and yet another huge blow to Putin in a war that was supposed to last days, not months, and surely not almost a year.

Unlike Russia, which is attacking infrastructure targets, civilian deaths be damned, Ukraine continues to hit military targets, keeping collateral damage to a minimum.

Source: Fox News

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