North Korea Simulates Nuclear Strike During Ship Exercise

Kim Jong Un is playing with his rockets again and this time he showed he can pull off an EMP attack with ease. The dry run with everything except the nukes went flawlessly. Twice. He declared publicly that you bet this is a warning. Once and Future President Donald Trump is on record confirming that Kim really does have those nukes.

EMP demonstration warns of war

EMP type detonations are nothing to mess around with. These aren’t just a garden variety nuclear blast. An atom bomb detonated up in the air, even a small one, can melt down an electrical grid instantly through the resulting “electro-magnetic pulse.” Those give nasty shocks to anything that’s powered.

North Korea officially announced, on September 3, that they “simulated a nuclear missile attack to warn the United States.” They want Joe to wake up to the “nuclear war danger.” The test flight was around 932 miles but cruise missiles in general have a range of around 3,000 miles or more. That means Kim can turn the lights out over some seriously sensitive places.

Kim got to push the button launching “several cruise missiles, some of them equipped with mock nuclear warheads.” State media is clearly calling the exercise simulation of a “tactical nuclear attack.” They spell out they were specifically meant to “warn the enemies of the actual nuclear war danger.

North Korea published the report through “the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea.” Two of the cruise missiles were set up to simulate an EMP attack. “Two long-range strategic cruise missiles with mock nuclear warheads” launched at dawn on Saturday.

Kim had to make a statement in response to the “joint military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea, earlier in the week.” It gave him the opportunity to play with his beloved rockets and signal solidarity with neighboring China for the upcoming battle over Taiwan.

The recklessness and dangerous nature of the confrontation hysteria recently betrayed by the U.S. and gangsters of the ‘Republic of Korea‘ are unprecedented in history,” KCNA reports. They might need to light off an EMP over Soul to prove the point.

Written drill order

North Korea’s propaganda ministry was working overtime. The story they fed to KCNA made sure to point out a “written drill order” put out by “the military commission” which “stressed the importance” of launching some simulated nukes and triggering an EMP or two. “The missile sub-unit involved successfully carried out its nuclear strike mission.

They flew a flawless figure-eight for 1,500 kilometers. That’s just under 1,000 miles. It took both missiles just over 7.6 seconds to cover the distance. That’s 131.57 miles per second and 473,652 miles per hour.

The fireworks occurred when each warhead detonated its conventional warhead “at a preset altitude of 150 meters above the target island.” All that was missing to generate two serious EMP events back to back were the nuclear warheads. Kim has enough of those back at the stockpile to make everyone nervous.

They see it as a way to keep from being swallowed by NATO. “The nuclear force of [North Korea] will bolster its responsible combat counteraction posture in every way to deter war and preserve peace and stability.

The confirmed ability to pull off an electro-magnetic pulse on demand goes a long way in that direction. The South Koreans are keeping a close eye on the situation but there’s not a whole lot they can do. They confirm they were watching and “had detected several cruise missiles fired by North Korea into the Yellow Sea between mainland China and the Korean Peninsula, at around 4 a.m. on Saturday, local time.

A few days before, “the US-South Korea live fire exercises were conducted on Wednesday.” Kim took offense when South Korean and U.S. commanders said the drills showcased “the strongest military alliance in the world.” See how well your fancy battle gear works after an EMP, he reminds.

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