Texas Governor Has a Message for Joe Biden…

Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott has finally had enough.

He has used the invasion clause in the state and federal constitutions to invoke measures to lock down the border.

Abbott sent Joe Biden a letter to confirm this.

You Failed

Abbott blasted Biden in the letter for his blatant inaction.

He wrote, “Your inaction has led to catastrophic consequences.

“Under your watch, America is suffering the highest volume of illegal immigration in the history of our country.

“This past year, more than 2 million immigrants tried to enter the country illegally, coming from more than 100 countries across the globe.

“Worse yet, your failed border policies recently prompted a United Nations agency to declare that the border between the United States and Mexico is the deadliest land crossing in the world.”

The letter continued, “You must reinstate the policies that you eliminated, or craft and implement new policies, in order to fulfill your constitutional duty to enforce federal immigration laws and protect the States against invasion.

“Two years of inaction on your part now leave Texas with no choice but to escalate our efforts to secure our State.

“Your open-border policies, which have catalyzed an unprecedented crisis of illegal immigration, are the sole cause of Texas having to invoke our constitutional authority to defend ourselves.”

Abbott plans to defend the border with Texas National Guard troops, personnel from other agencies, and gunboats patrolling the border.

Immigrants will no longer be permitted to enter and claim amnesty, but instead will be repelled at the border and returned to the other side.

It is a lofty goal by Abbott, and it is hopefully one that he can deliver.

Source: Fox News

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