After He Tied Her to a Tree and Raped Her for HOURS, You Won’t Believe the ‘Unjust’ Sentence He Received

Prosecutors are calling 49-year-old Brett David Hill’s sentence “plainly unjust” and “inadequate” after he kidnapped an 11-year-old girl, tied her to a tree and repeatedly raped her for five hours.

According to the Daily Mail, Hill was armed with a pair of scissors when he forced the girl into his car as she was walking to school and drove her to three separate locations to rape her.

“During this five hour ordeal, (the girl) was subjected to serious violence, death threats, and multiple acts of nearly every form of forced sexual intercourse – including forced fellatio, digital vaginal, digital anal, penile vaginal, and penile anal intercourse,” facts before the court read.

To avoid being caught, Hill moved the girl multiple times before dumping her at a local train station with a plastic bag over her head.

He pled guilty to 9 charges, 7 of which included aggravated sexual assault, aggravated detain for advantage, and a single count of possessing child pornography.

When Hill confessed to the horrific crime, he showed zero remorse for the unspeakable acts he inflicted upon the girl.

The girl, now 13-years-old, came forward to testify against Hill in court, presenting her account of the abuse and describing the psychological effects it’s had on her.

However, despite confessing to the disgusting crime, Hill was given what many are calling a very lenient sentence of just 17 years in prison.

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed the prosecution’s challenge of Hill’s light sentence, deeming it acceptable.

Ironically, only a few months into his sentence Hill was assaulted in prison several times, showing that the inmates seemed to have a better understanding of what this convicted rapist deserves than the justice system.



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