Ax McDonalds

Man Goes to McDonald’s… And Takes Out an Ax!

A man walks into a McDonald’s in New York City…

And he takes out an ax and destroys the place.

No, that is not the beginning of a joke.

You Never Know…

New York City is completely out of control, but this one is truly something special.

I am not sure what started the argument between Michael Palacios, 31, and three other men, but it escalated rather quickly.

In the beginning of the video, you see the men arguing, which quickly turns into a physical confrontation.

Not long after words were said, Palacios stands over the trash cans while all three men are hitting them.

He is literally there just shrugging his shoulders and taking the shots completely unfazed.

I would think that would be a warning sign to the other guys, but after they were pulled away, they continued to taunt Palacios.

So, he reached into his bag, and like everyone, he had an ax and starts to lose it…

The video was seen by Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, who stated, “Just another day in Kathy Hochul’s New York.

“After we fire Hochul on November 8th, we are taking back our streets!”

Source: New York Post

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