Schumer Makes HUGE Mistake… Biden Nominee DEFEATED

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) just made a huge miscalculation that cost Joe Biden a historical judiciary appointment, at least for now.

Schumer scheduled the vote to pass Arianna Freeman’s vote for the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday.

This also happened to be the day two Democrat Senators had primary elections, so they missed the vote.

Freeman’s vote failed, 47 to 50.

Sorry, Joe

Freeman has faced pushback from Republicans right from the outset.

Had the vote passed, she would have been the first black woman on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals bench.

This is a big problem for Schumer, who was scheduled to start the debate on the Respect for Marriage Act.

If Schumer brings Freeman’s nomination back on the floor, that debate will get pushed back.

Democrats are running out of time, and Schumer knows this, yet he wasted a full day on a vote that was doomed the moment attendance was taken.

Source: The Hill

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