PBS Journo Insanely Describes Pregnancies, HARSHLY Criticized Online

A PBS reporter was roundly derided and mocked online for an absolutely bizarre remark using strained, even tortured speech appearing to protect the leftist narrative that fetuses are not children until far after pregnancies have ended. Yamiche Alcindor, likewise of NBC, stated on MSNBC that she had actually been speaking with a lady with tears in her eyes due to the fact that she was so upset that some pregnant ladies would find it more difficult to end their pregnancies.

“I talked to another woman who had tears in her eyes and said that she went up to the volunteers to thank them for their work because she said her, as a woman, who is an attorney, who has the means and resources, that she’ll always be able to get an abortion because she’ll always be able to fly to one of what they’re calling the thirteen safe states, places that might continue to have abortions, like California or New York,” said Alcindor.

“But for a lot of vulnerable women, women who are poor, women of color, they will be forced to have pregnancies that they cannot afford to terminate, and pregnancies that will then turn into children,” she added.

Many on social media mocked the ill-fitting intrusion of a liberal narrative into Alcindor’s reporting.

“The insane dual presupposition, used by nearly all abortion fanatics, is that (1) birth control does not exist, and that (2) sex does not have as one of its natural possibilities the creation of a child,” responded Ben Shapiro.

“I literally can’t keep up with the amounts of idiocy today,” replied Brittany Hughes.

“Pregnancy doesn’t ‘turn into children.’ Pregnancy is a state of being during which a mother is carrying her child in her womb. Terminating a pregnancy via abortion means killing that mother’s child,” read another popular response.

Alcindor’s reporting signed up with the crowd of left-wing responses to the leak of a draft majority decision by the Supreme Court to reverse the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade case.

Despite Alcindor’s desperate efforts to keep to the leftist talking points. Joe Biden didn’t appear willing (*or able) to keep to such constraints when he said the quiet part loud describing “the judgment to choose to abort a child”.

Here’s a video of Alcindor’s comments:

H/T The Blaze

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