Spectrum Forced To Pay BILLIONS After Employee MURDERED Customer In Her Own Home

Charter Communications, otherwise known as Spectrum, has just been hit with a $7.37 billion verdict, with $7 billion meant to punish the company.

A Dallas jury has just found the company to have acted negligently when they hired a field technician that killed one of their clients.

Apparently, “systemic security breaches” are to blame for the robbery and stabbing death of an 83-year-old woman by a Spectrum technician inside her very own home back in December 2019. Additionally, the company attempted to use forged documents to prevent the jury from hearing the lawsuit.

According to the jury, Spectrum is now required to pay 90% of the $375 million in damages to the Thomas family.

Officers arrested 43-year-old Roy Holden Jr. in December 2019, to which he later pled guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison in April 2021.

During the two week long trial the jury heard arguments from the victim’s family’s lawyers, who claimed that Spectrum was negligent in its hiring process as well as missed warning signs from Holden.

More details of this report from the ‘WFAA’ report:

In the latest update, the jury has awarded $7 billion in punitive damages to Thomas’ family due to Holden’s crimes.

Chris Hamilton, a lawyer for the family, called Spectrum’s hiring of Holden a “shocking breach of faith” given that the company “sends workers inside millions of homes every year.”

The lawsuit pointed out that Charter Communications nixed an employee screening program set in place by Time Warner Cable, which was bought out by Charter in 2016. WFAA reports that Holden was hired without verification of his employment history, which allegedly included forgery, falsifying documents, and harassment.

On top of his alarming work history prior to Spectrum, reports say that the company failed to recognize red flags surrounding Holden. Testimony during the trial revealed that Holden had told his supervisors about personal and financial issues shortly before the murder and eventually began stealing credit cards and checks from elderly customers.

“For the safety of the American public, we can only hope that Charter Spectrum and its shareholders are listening,” Hamilton said.

Sources: Mysanantonio, WFAA


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