What Biden Is Forcing Store Owners To Do To Keep SPAM From Being Stolen Is Absolutely…

Thanks to Biden, apparently even the cheapest of meat like Spam has been forced to be locked down due to rising inflation and crime getting so bad in major cities.

When a picture of a container of Spam locked behind a plastic case at a store in New York City hit the internet, social media lost their minds.

The Duane Reade drug store at the Port Authority bus depot were displaying the cans of Spam at $3.99 behind anti-theft boxes. And that’s not the only thing being locked up, as cans of tuna also fit into this category.

The Gateway Pundit pointed out:

The US inflation rate is currently at 9.1% – a 40-year high. Energy is up more than 40% for the year according to the BLS.

The Biden inflation numbers are no joke as the cost of living soars – the middle class is devastated. The average US worker is losing $3,400 annually due to inflation – for married couples, the number is $6,800.

Here’s what ‘News.au’ reported:

Inflation and crime have gotten so bad in New York that even cheap meat like Spam has to be locked up, the NY Post reports.

At Duane Reade’s store in the Port Authority bus station, the shelf-stable product — only $US3.99 ($5.70) a can — is now being stocked in plastic, antitheft cases.

“I’ve never seen that before!” one cashier laughed while using a magnet to remove a can of Spam from its cage.

The cashier was among the employees, tourists and store regulars stunned that the iconic blue-and-yellow cans are now being kept under lock-and-key — some even poking fun at the sight as “a sort of Jeff Koons homage,” per one viral tweet.

Watch the video report here: Fox59/Youtube

Fox News has reported that crime in New York City has jumped by 31% since June 2021.

The outlet stated, “All arrests are up 26% over last year — a 21-year high for the seven major crime categories — but the incarceration conservation rate has dropped.”

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, News.au, FoxNews


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