Deadly Caterpillar

Beware: If You Find This Dangerous Caterpillar, Stay AWAY

If you think that headline was just some cruel joke, think again.

This is actually a very serious issue, especially for people with children.

If curiosity gets the best of them, you could find yourself headed to a local emergency room.

Dangerous Caterpillars

Kids are fearless and when something gets their attention, they will investigate.

I think all of us have picked up caterpillars when we were kids to check them out.

I remember letting them walk all over my hands and arms when I was a kid… it is just what we all did when we spotted one.

Right now, the asp caterpillar, puss caterpillar, and southern flannel moth caterpillar are all in season, but warn your children NOT to touch them.

They can have a painful bite that could put your child’s life in jeopardy.

Even if they are dead, tell your children to leave them alone.

The boy in this report was bitten, and now his mom is trying to make sure parents know just how much of a problem this can be…

Molly Keck, an entomologist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, stated, “They have spines underneath their body that have venom glands, so when they land on you, those spines can dislodge and get stuck in your skin and that venom just kind of trickles out like a stinger would and you can react to that pretty badly.”

Dead or alive, leave them alone!

Source: Independent Minute

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