Murderer Of Police Captain Found Guilty

A jury has actually found a St. Louis guy guilty of killing retired Police Capt. David Dorn throughout a violent Black Lives Matter riot on June 2, 2020. Stephan Cannon, 26, was condemned of first-degree murder, burglary, robbery, and 3 counts of armed criminal action. All of the charges were felonies.

The jury considered the evidence and charges for a mere 3 hours and found Cannon guilty on all counts– after just 3 days of evidence and statements.

Dorn, 77, had actually gone to his good friend’s pawn store to examine the circumstance after the alarm system went off throughout among the city’s riots over the death of George Floyd.

He came across a mob of looters when Dorn showed up at Lee’s Jewelry & Pawn store. He apparently fired warning shots into the air to get the crowd, who had actually robbed and looted businesses, to disperse.

According to district attorneys, Cannon fired 10 shots at Dorn, killing him. five other men were likewise charged in connection to the murder.

Dorn’s last minutes were relayed in a Facebook Livestream as he was left by his murderers to die on the sidewalk as rioters looked on.

In his closing statement, district attorney Marvin Teer stated that Cannon killed”a good man who dedicated his entire life to doing nothing but helping others.”

Dorn had actually worked for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 38 years and served 6 years as the Police Captain in Moline Acres.

“I’m very thankful to the jurors who saw the truth and all the evidence,” Dorn’s wife, Ann, said outside the courthouse, according to a report from St. Louis Today. “And I want to thank Marvin Teer for doing a phenomenal job in prosecuting the case.”

Dorn’s widow, who likewise functioned as a law enforcement officer for 28 years, stated that she did think that justice was served.

“I don’t want to say we can move on,” she said. “There’s never going to be full closure, but it brings us peace.”

On the night that Dorn was murdered, four other policemen were shot in the city in the middle of the mayhem and chaos. Many businesses were looted.

Cannon is arranged to be sentenced on September 13. The obligatory sentence is life in prison without the possibility of parole, as district attorneys chose not to seek the death sentence– though it is legal in the state.

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