The Ass Backwards Official Report Coming from The Sh*t Show Up in DC

Sh*t show indeed. People covering for each other, making things up. Pelosi never ordered more security, she didn’t think it would look good for the optics and she’s responsible for that. As a result, the police chief just stepped down, he wasn’t going to deal with this. It comes down to her but she can’t be forced out. Trump supporters are going to be called terrorists til long after he’s dead, regardless that, like Trump himself, we want peace.

Like any reality show

Actors and dialogue can be moved around however it’s needed. “Newly recovered emails”. The corrupt FBI and CIA can move much faster than four months if they’re looking to set up conservatives.

How is CNN even still in business? Or is that organization another way for the Democrats to launder money? Supposedly Dataminr uncovered suspicious social media posts Jan. 5.

Show me the money

If this was on the level, we would have had names a long time ago. A post said, “We will storm government buildings, kill cops, kill security guards, kill federal employees and agents.”

CNN said warnings prompted security communications, among them Valerie Hasberry, Chief Security Officer for the Architect of the Capitol, saying, “There is now chatter on Parler about storming the Capitol, please let me know if there are any updates to credible threats.”

No show here, move along

Watch Commander Wisham was off duty at the time. “There is no talk about any credible threats or storming the Capitol.” He said he’d look through his emails and networks to see if there was any pertinent information.

There’s probably more organizations being in touch with the Architect of the Capitol and Capitol Police on this. Any new statements might not be out for some time, give this a chance to fade off the front page.


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