News Outlet Better Start Digging It’s Grave After THIS Stunt

Tucker Carlson posted a humorous tweet making fun of The New York Times’ hit piece about him. The article was one part of a four-part series on Carlson titled “American Nationalist”, which sounds somewhat silly especially if the goal is to pin the bad label on him.

Seems like Carlson is getting the last laugh after this left-wing news outlet published this 20,000-word piece they originally thought would ruin his public reputation.

Carlson’s now-viral tweet shows a picture of himself chuckling while displaying the Times’ “bombshell” front-page news story about him. This picture alone speaks a thousand words, as you can almost hear Carlson laughing aloud about this joke of an article.

Ironically, many left-wing news outlets have had their reputation and credibility suffer as a result of spewing their hateful attacks on conservatives and Pro-Trump personalities.

Here’s what former Florida Congressman Trey Radel tweeted Sunday:

“Maybe 15-20 years ago, someone smeared like this by the NYT would’ve had their career & life destroyed.”

“Today, it’s a badge of honor because the Times’ staff has so clearly shown their job is to be PR foot soldiers and character assassins for democrats. What a pathetic rag.”

Newsweek’s deputy opinion editor, Batya Ungar-Sargon, pushed a counterattack against the Times’ hypocrisy in attacking Carlson for championing the working class and espousing views that “any Democrat would have proudly endorsed 15 years ago.”

She tweeted:

” But if you’re part of the ruling class like the NYT, you don’t want anyone exposing the vast chasm separating you from the people you pretend to represent. So having uncovered that Tucker talks endlessly about the class divide, they color caring about inequality as ‘racism.'”

Ungar-Sargon went on to say:

“Legacy media used to use its massive resources to expose government corruption; now they use them to protect the administration from embarrassment and criticism, to expose anonymous Twitter accounts, to smear the competition as racists if they dare expose the class divide.”

Many others on Twitter continued the line of criticism, saying the Times deserves to be bashed by the public at large.

As Carlson continues to dominate cable-news ratings, left-wing vilification has heated up.

But disingenuous criticism doesn’t mean much, because Carlson has the most powerful platform in cable news and is more watched by Democrats than CNN or MSNBC.

Western Journal commented:

The left loves to claim that Fox News viewers are older in a bid to discredit the audience as out of touch and passé. In reality, Carlson’s show draws more Democrats in the key demographic (ages 24-54) than MSNBC star Rachel Maddow.

No wonder he’s laughing.

Sources: Westernjournal, NYtimes


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