University Warns Professors That Violating ‘Stop WOKE Act’ Has A Heavy Cost

The University of Florida (UF) might lose some $100 million in state financing if teachers utilize lectures to impose their personal views onto students, the university’s president advised. In a 20-slide presentation sent out to all professors and personnel recently, UF President Kent Fuchs stated that the state might enforce “large financial penalties” on any public college or university that breaches House Bill 7, which was signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis this April and will enter effect in July.

For UF, an infraction of House Bill 7 might incur the loss of $106 million in performance-based financing, which the university received from the state for the 2020– 2021 academic year.

Widely called the “Stop WOKE Act,” House Bill 7 was a centerpiece to the DeSantis administration’s effort to promote “viewpoint diversity” in classroom and work environments throughout the state. The law targeted a set of essential concepts of critical race theory (CRT), which DeSantis stated has been forced upon Florida students and employees without their approval.

Particularly, the Stop WOKE Act disallows guidelines or training programs that advance or oblige staff members or trainees to accept CRT ideas, such as that a person is overbearing or naturally racist because of one’s race, that anybody of a specific race needs to be victimized to attain diversity, equity, or inclusion or that the concepts of meritocracy or racial color blindness are developed by one specific race to oppress other races.

“At its core, the bill’s message is: ‘No one likes to be told what to think. And that includes students,'” Fuchs’ presentation read. “The theme of the bill is that instructors should not present personal beliefs about a topic as the ‘right’ point of view or compel or encourage students to adopt a specific belief.”

While the Stop WOKE Act clearly permits conversations on subjects surrounding race and sex, educators must refrain from doing so with the endorsement of a specific view, the discussion mentioned.

Rather, educators are motivated to produce environments where “facts and theories are presented along with different interpretations and viewpoints,” in addition to having complimentary, open discussions that enable trainees to reach their own conclusions without the trainer’s predisposition.

A UF representative stated they do not have any remark beyond what’s currently in the discussion.

The Stop WOKE Act will likewise apply to Walt Disney Company, among the leading companies in Florida. The home entertainment giant has actually come under fire after taking a stand against Florida’s brand-new adult rights law, which prohibits class direction on sexual preference and gender identity for trainees in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

Jose Castillo, an existing Disney staff member running for Congress in Florida as a Republican, declared that the business has actually pushed away a non-woke “silent majority” of workers by capitulating to a singing however little group of woke staff members who promote extreme sex and gender ideologies.

“There’s this misconception that everyone at Disney are just raging liberals, and I think that can’t be farther from the truth,” Castillo, who identified as “a strong conservative,” said in an interview with Fox News. “I have tons of people that are working for the Walt Disney Company that reach out to me daily on social media who are conservatives.”

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