Their True Agenda is Now Out in the Open [WATCH]

Any sensible person knows that one of the most obnoxious parts of the media approved January 6 narrative is the fact that leftists are claiming to suddenly care about insurrection and treason against a country they otherwise despise. After the Rittenhouse verdict one large group of leftists in Chicago was kind enough to be honest about their agenda. In their own words, these people want a “communist revolution” to tear down the United States and its justice system.

Communist agenda for America

The outcome of that trial made perfect sense according to the law and judging by the evidence which was presented to the jurors who had the responsibility of reaching a verdict.

If you are a communist, however, you aren’t especially interested in the idea of an impartial jury if it means that one of your political enemies might not be punished enough for you.

The United States employs a common law system rooted in the traditions of England. The ancient tenets of this system exist to ensure that citizens are not unjustly punished for crimes they did not commit.

If you are an aspiring communist revolutionary, however, the basic rights protected by common law are just nuisances which protect people who are, at the very least, guilty of having the wrong opinions.

In the good old days under Stalin and Pol Pot there was no need to bother with impartial juries or judges. If someone looks like they belong in the gulag they go to the gulag. That’s the communist way.

These basic elements of our legal system which prevent unjust and unfair punishments have been almost universally acknowledged as just and proper since Magna Carta.


Trial by mob

After the communist revolution establishes the “utopia” which these morons in Chicago want all trials will presumably be decided by a majority vote from the public. “The people want him to be guilty so he’s guilty.”

This is the best case scenario in the reformed legal system these leftists want. It is still an incredibly stupid idea, as history has clearly and repeatedly shown.

Democratic juries in Athens killed Socrates and routinely voted to exile their best generals and statesmen based on vague suspicions and jealousies.

If the left succeeds in implementing the kind of legal agenda they have advocated for during and after the Rittenhouse trial then “justice” in America will be entirely arbitrary.

For better or worse, we seem to be heading in a somewhat different direction. Conviction by media pressure is far more likely to become the norm in the United States.

CNN and MSNBC did everything in their power to intimidate and threaten the Rittenhouse jurors into voting against the conclusions they reached by viewing the evidence. How many juries will be as principled as this one was?

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