Disgusting Info Emerges About BLM and Christmas Massacre

If you haven’t been going out of your way to follow the story, you might have already forgotten that an anti-white and BLM affiliated terrorist attack took place in Wisconsin on November 21. President Biden has announced that he has no intention of going to Waukesha or seriously acknowledging the attack and the media pivoted immediately to discussing a “car” that drove through a Christmas parade as soon as it was known that the perpetrator was a black career criminal.

BLM appears to raise money for terrorist

Now we know that leftist activism led directly to this terrorist attack which left a young child and several elderly people dead and a several other children still hospitalized in critical condition.

In fact, even after this horrific crime, the local BLM organization appears to be still attempting to raise bail money to free Darrell Brooks, the accused murderer.

A now deleted fundraiser on GoFundMe announced that the Milwaukee Black Lives Matter organization was seeking to collect five million dollars, the exact amount set for Brooks’ bail.

After it began to receive attention, the fundraising goal was changed to four million before disappearing entirely. If the goal was anything other than raising bail money for the most notorious murderer in the region, would BLM feel any need to cover their tracks?

It shouldn’t be any shock to anyone at this point that BLM as a collective relishes the sight of dead white people. This, however, is an entirely new level of brazenness from that despicable movement.

This Milwaukee group got caught attempting to free an extremely violent and dangerous man who intentionally murdered six people, apparently motivated by his hatred for white people. What were they planning for him to do once he was free?


The lie of “criminal justice reform”

“Criminal justice reform” has been a bipartisan cause in recent years and this is the inevitable outcome. Were it not for the Republicans and Democrats who have promoted these policies six innocent people would still be alive in Waukesha, along with countless others throughout the country.

We leave dangerous criminals to rot in prison for a very good reason, as this attack shows. If there is a massive glut of them occupying our prison facilities then the lesson should be that we have too many criminals in this country, not that we have too many criminals kept at arm’s length from civil society.

Nonprofit group The Bail Project, which was to benefit from the BLM fundraiser, exists solely to get violent criminals out of prison. The blood of Waukesha is on the hands of this group and their associates.

Darrell Brooks had a record of repulsive crimes stretching back for more than two decades.  This is not a person who could ever contribute anything productive to this country and who posed a direct threat to the people of Wisconsin.

One of the most fundamental roles of any government is to protect citizens by ensuring that this sort of person is not able to destroy their lives and property. Instead, the government allows Darrell Brooks and his ilk to face no consequences until they do something so unforgettably heinous.

Brooks drove the SUV that killed those innocent people in Wisconsin but he himself is nothing more than a tool. The real murderers are those who, knowing that he might kill or maim others, chose to send him back onto the streets with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

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