Tyranny: Democrat Bill Would Force All Passengers to Have Vaccine Papers

Liberal extremist Diane Feinstein wants to inflict Democrat tyranny on the masses by forcing every single airline passenger in America to show their official vaccine papers before they’re allowed to travel. Armed guards will be patrolling the airports looking for anyone who might try using bogus documents. The penalties will reportedly be severe. Meanwhile, pilots ask, just who is going to fly all these fully certified passengers around after you fire all the unvaccinated pilots?

Your papers, please

Democrat California Senator Dianne Feinstein personally introduced the vaccine papers scheme she likes to call the U.S. Air Travel Public Safety Act. She wants to empower the Secretary of Health and Human Services to partner with the Federal Aviation Administration to “to develop national vaccination standards and procedures related to COVID-19 and domestic air travel.”

The stated reason for her fascist travel restriction is allegedly “to prevent future outbreaks of the disease.”

Last year, Feinstein notes, the holiday travel was a nightmare of Covid Transmission. Back before almost 77% of Americans were vaccinated. “We know that air travel during the 2020 holiday season contributed to last winter’s devastating COVID-19 surge. We simply cannot allow that to happen again.”

Vaccine mandates won’t work to stop anything but travel. By requiring vaccine papers for all passengers, unvaccinated ones won’t fly. Not only that, unvaccinated pilots won’t be flying anyone.

As soon as officials at the pilot’s union heard the news about Gestapo like vaccine papers, they issued a statement of protest. According to industry consultant Errol Barnett, “vaccine mandates could create bottlenecks in the aviation industry.” He’s seconded by Captain Dennis Taje, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association.

“If pilots who are not vaccinated are actually given unpaid leave or laid off, that’s more than 4,000 American Airlines pilots who can’t fly.” United is facing a revolution over their policy which allows no exceptions at all for any reason.

More virulent variants

Feinstein hopes to scare voters into accepting the plan. It will make them that much easier to herd into cattle cars to FEMA camps when the time comes. “Ensuring that air travelers protect themselves and their destination communities from this disease is critical to prevent the next surge.”

Getting the papers which prove compliance will be rewarded by regaining the right to travel the Democrats grabbed away from you.

If we don’t act now and clamp down with oppressive vaccine papers the human race is doomed by “more virulent variants of COVID-19.” The frog is already half boiled, she assures. “This bill complements similar travel requirements already in place for all air passengers – including Americans – who fly to the United States from foreign countries.”

You may assume that because they come from overseas they’re infected with all sorts of nastiness but they’re usually coming from somewhere with a better vaccine rate than we have. If they can put up with it so can you, Feinstein declares.

“It only makes sense that we also ensure the millions of airline passengers that crisscross our country aren’t contributing to further transmission, especially as young children remain ineligible to be vaccinated.” The CDC will also have a role in the vaccine papers scheme. their Committee on Immunization Practices will be forcing the same measure on health care workers. Don’t count on using a medical or religious exemption to get you out of their scheme. The Democrats were ready for that.

“One of the challenges could be that you have to make a religious exception for those who speak out against a COVID-19 vaccine. I don’t think this will fly, and here’s why: There’s a general exception,” Professor Dorit Reiss relates. “People can take a negative test instead. For example, people with religious objections to the vaccination can have a negative PCR test done instead. So there is already an exception regulation built in.”

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