MSNBC Accuses SCOTUS of Colluding

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace is accusing the Supreme Court of the United States of active collusion with the Republican Party to facilitate abortion restrictions following a decision made by the justices to allow a Texas anti-abortion law to go into effect. The accusation, by no means limited to Wallace, is spreading support for the sort of sentiment which might drive Democrats to feel that the time is right to pursue a court packing scheme.

MSNBC host calls for legal attack on the court

Before arriving at MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace was allegedly a Republican. Once a staffer at the Bush White House, Wallace has since made a career out of presenting herself to Democrats as a conservative who saw the light of liberalism.

There is no reason to believe that Nicolle Wallace was ever particularly conservative but she is still evidently determined to hold on to her niche.

In attacking the court, Wallace lamented that the GOP has become far too “radical.” It should be noted that even John McCain, that most milquetoast of Republican politicians, was too radical for Nicole Wallace.

The accusation of collusion between the Supreme Court and the GOP was backed by no evidence, though that did not stop the MSNBC host from stating that there should be a criminal investigation.

The court decided in a 5-4 vote to not rule on the Texas legislation, meaning that it was allowed to go into effect in spite of a challenge from pro-abortion groups.

There was no decision made on the status of Roe v. Wade or the constitutionality of abortion. The Supreme Court already has another upcoming abortion case which it has decided to rule on.

Supreme Court faces extinction

Supreme Court justices have never been perfectly detached from party politics; everyone knows that there are conservative and liberal justices on the court who can be expected to rule in line with the wishes of the party which appointed them.

MSNBC is allowing Wallace to suggest that something entirely ordinary and expected was actually a criminal act because the justices did not rule as the dominant party wished.

These accusations are intended to erode the status of the Supreme Court of the United States as an independent branch of government.

Ultimately this attitude is sure to lead to a serious attempt to pack the court. President Biden himself has expressed a desire to see this happen.

President Trump managed to appoint three justices to the court. If politicians were angels this would have checked the power of the executive and legislative branches now that Democrats have taken both.

Instead, as MSNBC and Joe Biden have told us, Democrats are prepared to simply reject the authority of the court if they dislike the rulings. Ultimately, he Supreme Court only has power while the rest of the federal government agrees that it should.

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