Dem Leader Caught Partying Maskless While Pushing Mandates

Democrat Rashida Tlaib was caught on camera partying maskless even as she doubled down on criticisms of Senator Rand Paul for opposing mask mandates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently lists the area in which Tlaib was seen as an orange zone, a category which indicates a substantial COVID-19 presence and for which masks are recommended for everyone in a public space, regardless of vaccination status.

Tlaib maskless at wedding

Rashida Tlaib is a close ally of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, who have been collectively referred to as “the squad.”

Tlaib was in Dearborn, Michigan, her home state, attending a wedding at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center on August 8.

A member of a band which was playing at the wedding posted a video of Tlaib dancing maskless on social media, where it was quickly seen and spread by others.

She is seen in close physical contact with a large crowd of other people, none of whom are wearing masks or making any attempts at social distancing.

Earlier that same day Tlaib had taken to Twitter to castigate Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who was attacking new restrictions being put in place by the CDC.

These new guidelines specify that Tlaib and everyone else at the wedding she attended should have been wearing masks indoors.

Rep. ignores CDC guidelines

Tlaib had been criticizing Rand Paul for his contention that cloth masks are not effective for stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Paul’s YouTube account was suspended for seven days following these remarks, which were labeled as COVID misinformation by the video sharing platform.

While Tlaib was enthusiastic about joining other Democrats in condemning Senator Paul for his comments on masks, her personal behavior indicates a different opinion.

Democrats have publicly been aggressive proponents of mask wearing at every stage of the pandemic, though they have not always shown a very serious commitment to following CDC guidelines themselves.

Judging by her own statements there was no reason for Tlaib to be in a crowded indoor gathering without wearing a mask.

The Democrat was clearly aware of the current CDC guidelines for mask wearing in specific localities as she had just used this information to attack Rand Paul.

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